Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

3 Problems the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Solves

To say that our family loves tech is an understatement. I was introduced to the amazing things computers can do when I was pregnant with Jaden — who is now 12 ½.

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The younger three girls have grown up around technology since they were in the womb. Joeli, who is 6, still teaches me new things.

So, you can imagine the sheer excitement when the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator  from Best Buy was delivered to our house.


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

As the girls began exploring the “Family Hub,” the 21.5″ WiFi-enabled LCD touchscreen, we were able to fully comprehend the power this new refrigerator was going to give our family.

The feature was created to fully make the kitchen the center of your home and truly does its job by solving three problems:

  1. Food Management
  2. Entertainment
  3. Family Connection

Food Management

First, let’s talk Food Management. Not only does the Full-Depth 28 cu. ft. 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator offers a premium cooling system, but it also has a crazy amazing amount of space.

We feed a family of eight (yes, two don’t live with us but are over often). This requires us to store a bit of food in our fridge each week.

The fact that we can not only keep plenty of food for everyone in the refrigerator at all times but keep it extremely organized, is a huge stress reliever.

With clear drawers and shelves from top to bottom, you can easily open any door, look inside, and know what is available.


Wait! Even better, you don’t even have to open the door to see what’s inside. 3 built-in cameras just inside one of the doors take a picture of the inside of your fridge each time the door is closed.

You can then view the contents of your refrigerator — complete with expiration dates — from the Family Hub or your smartphone.


This also means that when you’re shopping and cannot recall if you need the milk or not, simply pull up the Smart Home app and take a look inside your fridge.

Y’all, this feature alone makes this the best appliance in your kitchen!


There’s more! You can also order your groceries right from the touchscreen on your Family Hub.

This is all in addition to the ability to pull up recipes, watch YouTube cooking videos, and make shopping lists… all from your REFRIGERATOR!



Okay, let’s move on to another feature I know I need in the kitchen: Entertainment.

It may not sound like a necessity… until you realize how unsure you are about having lived without it before. Let me explain our scenario.

I am one of those people that hates mouth noises. Cannot.stand.them. This means that each meal we have around our kitchen table must include music.

It used to require a Bluetooth speaker blaring tunes from the living room, simply due to space allowances in our kitchen.

Now? We can easily stream Pandora through the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator and enjoy our meals without chewing noises. Or, dance in the kitchen to our favorite grooves while cooking and cleaning.

Love it! Oh, plus we can connect it to that Bluetooth Speaker and listen to music throughout the house. Yes!


Speaking of the rest of the house, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can even mirror what’s on the television to your Family Hub.

Yes, my children (and Colby) are now begging for a new TV just so we can try this feature. Still thinking about that one.


Family Connection

Finally, perhaps the most important and amazing feature of our home: Family Connection.

With so many of us moving in different directions all the time, the Family Hub becomes just THAT — a hub for all of us to connect and stay in sync with each other. Gone are the sticky notes all over the fridge.

We now have the StickiBoard to keep us communicating throughout the day. Using the app on our smartphones, we can update our family calendar, share photos, leave notes, and even create fun works of art for all to see.


This is especially fun when we are traveling. While a few of us may be away from home, we can easily send notes to those at home that they can see with each visit to the fridge (which is a lot in our home).

Not to mention, you can customize the look of your Family Hub with daily inspirations, words of the day, or this day in history posts.

We have discovered that it makes for great conversation each day!


As you can see, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is much more than “just another appliance.”

You can manage your food and family communications, as well as get information and entertainment straight from this incredible Wi-Fi-enabled fridge.

It will truly change the way you look at technology in your home. I know it did for us!

What is your favorite feature?

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