5 Small Tweaks to Make Your Living Room a More Luxurious and Welcoming Space

If you love entertaining, your home’s interior will be among your biggest concerns.

You want a living room that will leave a good impression and make for a good conversation starter. Even when you are not so much into entertaining, you still want a space where you can enjoy your free time. 

The mention of upgrading a home’s interior conjures thoughts of costs that may be out of your reach.

But if you are creative enough, a few tweaks here and there can help tone your space into a luxurious and welcoming space that you and your guests will love without spending a fortune.

modern living room wihth peach accent wall and large mirror reflecting floor-to-ceiling windows

Make Your Living Room Luxurious

Below are some minor tweaks you may want to try out.

  1. Get Creative with Your Curtains

High ceilings add a touch of luxury to a home. You cannot change your home ceiling height because they are determined by the home’s original design.

Even when you could change it, it can be quite costly. But you can give your home a high-ceiling look by being creative with your curtains.

Fix your curtain rods high on your walls and go for full-length curtains running from the top to touching your floor to create an impression of a high ceiling.

Folds on your curtains also imply luxury, so you want to be generous with the fabric you use to create many folds. 

  1. Get Creative with the Colors

The color scheme of a space determines how the people in the space feel about their environment. so if your home’s color scheme doesn’t make you feel relaxed, it will be the same for your guests.

Go for a neutral base to create a sense of tranquility and create a sophisticated backdrop for everything else in the room.

Colors to consider are soft grays, off-whites, creamy whites, and warm beiges. To add luxury to your base, consider incorporating rich accent colors, jewel tones, deep blues, and metallic accents on other pieces, such as furniture, doors, and other accessories.

  1. Choose Wall Decor You Love

Pieces of art hanging on your walls are a great way to add detail and luxury to your space. When choosing art for your space, go for a type of art that you appreciate. After all, you will spend most of that time there.

Also, go for art that is unique and original. The best place to get original art is art galleries, which offer art collections from various artists.

You do not have to visit a physical art gallery to buy original works of art; reputable online art galleries like Singulart are also excellent places to shop for art created by artists from across the country.

You only need to pick your piece, place an order, and it’s delivered to your location.

  1. Add Some Greenery

Bringing nature indoors can add much-needed life to your living space. You only need to ensure that the indoor plants are large enough or proportional to the space you want them to occupy.

For example, you will want large indoor plants, such as Monstera, Parlor Palm, and Snake Plants, to fill empty spaces.

If you are looking for plants to complement small spaces, go for smaller plants such as golden pothos, red prayer plants, arrowhead plants, and succulents. 

  1. Keep It Clean

Nothing screams cheap like a dirty space. Picture paying for a hotel room, but as you get ready to bed, you realize there is a smudge or a hair on the sheets. You will get disgusted and probably want to call management.

That’s exactly how your guests would feel if your space is not clean.

So before you go to other ways of adding luxury to your space, do the basics, such as mopping, dusting, washing the fabrics, changing the cat litter, etc.

Also, declutter by removing things that do not need to be in your space or arranging them to give your space an organized and clean feel. 

Tweaks to Make Your Living Room a More Luxurious and Welcoming Space