10 Simple Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

10 Simple Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

April showers bring May flowers. Isn’t that the way the old saying goes? And although the rain can be great for our yard, it may not be so great for our kids. Some days they just want to be outside and staying indoors can be hard. Therefore, we came up with simple indoor rainy day activities for kids so we could all have a little fun.

10 Simple Indoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The next time it rains look at it as an opportunity to spend more quality time with your family. Even though the ground is wet outside, you can really lift the morale of the house with a few simple, planned rainy day activities.

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Game Day

Break out the board games , cards, Solitaire Bliss and gaming systems. Create a list of Minute To Win It Games for everyone to play and make it a friendly competition.

An easy point system used throughout the day can motivate everyone to play along. 

Crown the overall winner at the end of the day or simply celebrate the fact that the whole family won by spending time together.

Time Capsule

Do a search around the house for things that remind you of the time you are currently in. Pictures, ticket stubs, letters. Whatever mementos your family wants to include.

Find an airtight container large enough for your items and then seal it. Save it for burying outdoors once the rain stops, or put it away inside. Plan a date for when you will come back to open it in the years ahead.

Host a Picnic

Just because you can’t get outside that doesn’t mean you can’t host a picnic. Lay down a blanket. Make sandwiches. Slice up fruit and have a seat on the floor. Just you, your family, food… and no ants.

Karaoke Party

Put on your favorite tunes, grab a mic, and start singing! Let everyone have a turn and sing as loud as you can. After all, the rain coming down on your neighbor’s roof will keep them from hearing the karaoke at your house. Belt it out!

Make a Fort

Surely you have done this a time or two. Pull out the blankets and/or sheets. Rearrange the furniture. Put together a fun fort to everyone to climb inside and play!

Fashion Show

Yes, I do have 4 daughters. But, you can even get the boys interested in the fun. Mix up the fashion show and have the kids put together creative, unique and wacky outfits. It’s all in the name of a little fashion fun.

Scavenger Hunt

Either on your computer or handwritten piece of paper, come up with an easy scavenger hunt for the kids to do inside the house. They can then search alone or in teams. Find small prizes you can put together for the winners.

Movie Marathon

Dig through old movies or scour Netfix for family favorites. Pop some popcorn and settle in for a movie day.

Craft Party

Pull out the craft box, peruse Pinterest, and get crafty! Construction paper, coffee filters, toilet paper rolls, even paper plates are items you may have around the house. Find a specific craft for everyone to do or lay out the supplies and let the kids create.

Make a Family Movie

Record your family having a jam session. Brainstorm ideas for a short 5 minute movie and then film it. Assign everyone a part to play, direct, film or produce and make movie magic! Be sure to share it on YouTube for all to see!

A little bit of spontaneous planning inside and you can be having tons of fun in no time while the rain pours outside.