Leigh-Allyn Baker Adds Her Vision and Talent to Bad Hair Day

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Leigh-Allyn Baker takes the reigns for the first time as Executive Producer in Disney Channel’s “Bad Hair Day.” In fact, her husband said they’re “finally going to pay [her] to micromanage everyone else’s job.” Being able to live in every element of the movie was  a highlight for her.

Leigh-Allyn Baker
Disney Channel’s “Bad Hair Day” stars Leigh-Allyn Baker as Liz and Laura Marano as Monica. (Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn Baker mentioned that she felt it was “very tempting to see if she had it in her to see something built from the ground up and to really be brave and be bold to put her own vision out there” without hiding behind others.

She simply wanted to see what other creative elements she could bring to a movie outside having an acting role.

Plus, the Bad Hair Day writers allowed her to be all-inclusive and really let her take over much of the dialogue so that the script took a new path.

Leigh-Allyn Baker and Laura Marano
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Phillippe Bosse

As a matter of fact, she was given a lot of freedom and was even afraid, at times, to push the envelope with her performance, the comedy and story development.

But if you ask her what the most fun part of filming Bad Hair Day was, she will mention the creative liberty she had to ad-lib.

Not to mention, the sheer amount of fun on the set. For instance, the bicycle ride with Laura Marano in the park was filled with laughter behind-the-scenes. Leigh-Allyn was pushing people out of the way so that they would not get hit by the bike.

Bad Hair Day
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

Speaking of Laura Marano, we asked why she was chosen to play the part of Monica in the movie. Leigh-Allyn really couldn’t say enough about her co-lead.

In summary, “Laura has a certain maturity and skill set that was necessary for the role.” They needed a girl who could pull off Prom Queen, as well as know how to work a computer. She needed to have both the brains and beauty.

In Ms. Baker’s words, “Laura knocked it out of the park.” It is not easy to find talent that can go head-to-head with an adult in comedy and Laura was able to do just that.

Laura Marano as Monica Bad Hair Day
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

As for her role as Liz, Leigh-Allyn said her character is pretty true to who she really is. Being able to dress down, clean off her make-up, and just pull her hair back was an accurate portrayal of who she is in real life. 

Amy Duncan (her Good Luck, Charlie role) pulls from her most feminine side, whereas Liz is the real her.

As a mother of 2 boys, she likes to get down and get dirty and isn’t afraid of who sees her.

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Liz
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

When it comes to her sons, she did tell us that she chooses to put her whole heart and focus into her kids.

Maintaining that balance between both her work and hoe life requires that she be 100% invested in either while there. Without putting 100% at work or 100% at home, she felt as though she was missing the enjoyment.

It was then that Leigh-Allyn realized that “simplicity comes first.” But doing this, this feels into place and became fun again. I think she summed it up with this line,

Life is short and I want to have fun. If I’m going to be away from my kids while working, then I want to have fun doing it… Comedy fills up my bucket.

Bad Hair Day took only 22 days to shoot. And “only” is not taken lightly.

She assured us that is was not an easy task and was all about, “Hurry up! No time to sit back and relax!

It was a lot of scenes with just her and Laura and they worked hard to get what needed to be done… done.

The most important lesson, if you will, she wants the audience to take away from watching the movie?

Your identity, who you are, comes from the inside. It doesn’t come from out here. It’s more than believing in yourself. It’s knowing yourself and being okay with who you are.”

By the way, even though the film may seem to focus on “girl power,” Leigh-Allyn says she believes “there’s something in this for everyone in the family.”

Liz and Monica - Bad Hair Day
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

Tune into the premiere of Bad Hair Day on Friday, February 13 at 8/7c on Disney Channel to see what she means!

So what’s next for Leigh-Allyn Baker?

She is currently working on developing her own series with a friend, also a former Disney Channel alumni. Can’t wait to see what they have in store!