spring fashion awaits

Spring Fashion has Sprung : OshKosh B’gosh

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.

This winter season has been a pretty crazy one for most of the country. Even here in Texas we have had unusual cold temperatures and plenty of snow and ice. Spring cannot get here soon enough!

spring fashion awaits

Spring Fashion

Whereas I am looking forward to warm temps for a few reasons, my girls are just ready to break out their spring wardrobe. The bright, cheerful colors of spring simply bring warm feelings to everyone. After a recent trip to OshKosh B’gosh with the girls, spring fashion has sprung in their closet and they are ready to show off their new styles! Plus, they recently introduced Baby Clothes which are great for my friends with babies!

bring on spring

As soon as we walked into OshKosh B’gosh, we were greeted with the bold colors and fresh designs of their spring collection. The girls were instantly drawn to all of the new styles and fun outfits.

waiting for spring

Our 4 year old is perhaps the easiest to please. Due to her sensory issues, she prefers dresses and loose-fitting clothes. We can always find a great selection of dresses at OshKosh B’gosh. This shopping trip was no different. She instantly picked out a sundress that I absolutely adored!

blue cardigan flowers

Since the cold temps may linger a bit longer, we also found the cutest blue cardigan to wear over her bare arms. A sweet pair of white crocheted slip-ons finished off the look in a ideal fashion. Perfect for her toddler style.

blue and orange spring

My 10 year old tomboy went straight for the jerseys I knew she would. Her toughest decision was picking her favorite color. I helped a bit by asking her to pick one the would coincide with the dress we picked out for her sister already. She liked the idea because she had already tried on a pair of blue flats that she just “had to have.”

blue flats for girls

A pair of comfortable girls’ leggings to match the shirt and we had another daughter styled with ease at OshKosh B’gosh.

orange blouse with capris

Our 8 year old is a fashion diva. She likes to look marvelous as often as she can. Having already helped in picking out her sister’s outfits, she had already walked the clothes racks a few times. It did big make her decision much easier with the variety of styles, but she enjoys the variety.

OshKosh b'gosh spring fashion

After much consideration, she decided on a beautifully-colored blouse ideal for her small frame. Building off the shirt, she paired it with white capris with a bicycle print and white denim jacket. She was happy and we were done.

Spring fashion for girls

Finding coordinating outfits for all three girls is not always easy. Whereas they do not always like to match, it does make it easy to mix-and-match. They can all wear the same sizes and being able to share only expands their wardrobe. Luckily they understand that and accept it. We can only hope that continues for a few years.

Fortunately, OshKosh B’gosh makes shopping easy for our girls. Each of their fashion styles are simple to please with the fantastic selection. Bold colors, great graphics, and durable fabrics keep us coming back. Not to mention, we are able to get all we need to complete an outfit, shoes and accessories included, in just one stop! Important for me when my shopping patience is running on low! Find the store nearest you to shop today!


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