Barton Springs Austin Texas

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When you hear the words “family” and “destination” together, what comes to mind? Often we think of the most popular touristy type locations. We hear about them often so they stay in the forefront of our minds. Whereas these can certainly be fun, why not take a chance and go off the beaten path?

Visit Philly - road trip

Fun Family Destinations

Deciding on a destination for some quality family time doesn’t need to be a complicated, expensive, or commercialized. Take a look beyond the typical vacations you hear about others taking and find something new that you can all enjoy together. Make your own memories in new, exciting ways!

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Historic Sites

Being the “Most Outstanding 7th Grade History Student” back in the day should prove how much I love history. And honestly, the history of our country involves such a wide range of themes that there is truly something to please everyone. From the Old West feel of Tombstone, Arizona, to a tour of our nation’s Capitol… you are sure to pique at least someone’s interest. The great thing is that many of these historic sites are free, so it eases the often expensive costs of a family vacation.

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Wildlife Safari

Have animal lovers? Maybe it is time for a visit to a wildlife safari where you can see animals living in a home where they are cared for and live as close to their natural habitat as possible. Drive-thru the carefully cut-out roads to get the safest view of the animals from your car windows. It offers children the opportunity to see, feed and observe in a safe environment.

Barton Springs Austin Texas

Swimming Holes

When the temperature starts to rise, perhaps one of our country’s beautiful natural swim holes should be on the top of your lists. Blanchard Springs Caverns in Fifty Six, Arkansas is a unique and amazing experience and known as “living caves” due to how the caverns transform over time. Barton Springs is a set of four natural water springs located on the grounds of Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. Find one you and your family want to enjoy for a few days.


Take your kids on an unforgettable family adventure this summer. Pack the car for a fun road trip and be sure you bring icy, cold Tampico to keep hydrated along the way. You will surely look back on this time together as some of your greatest moments.

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Fun Family Summer Destinations