Child with a magnifying glass looking at caterpillars on leaf

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids // Free Printable

Do you ever feel like your kids either need a little nudge to get outside… or simply need something new to do outdoors?

Download this free printable nature scavenger hunt for kids . You can prepare a fun outdoor experience in minutes.

Spring is a great time to get outdoors due to the moderate climate (in most areas) and all of the new birth happening.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

From new tree sprouts to baby animals, it seems spring brings everything fresh and new to the surface and it’s a great time to explore nature.

How to do a nature scavenger hunt

The best part about a nature scavenger hunt is the lack of preparation it requires. Once you have a list of things to look for, you’re ready to explore.

We’ve made it even easier by providing a free printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for kids. Simply download. Print. Then go find as many of the spring scavenger hunt items on the list as you can.

Take the printable list on your next nature walk, camping trip, or walk out your back door and have a look around. It can truly be that simple.

Scavenger Hunt Benefits

Not only are scavenger hunts fun for kids of all ages, but there are actually proven learning benefits to completing a hunt; they include:

  • Build problem-solving skills
  • Exercise both body and mind
  • Develop creative abilities
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Promotes communication skills
  • Boost observation

Not to mention, you can always customize scavenger hunts to focus on certain skills.

For example, find three sticks, two yellow butterflies, or a flower that is 4 inches tall. It’s okay to think outside the box when it comes to helping children learn.

You’ll also find that once your kids are on their scavenger hunt, their senses are alerted as they jump into the thrill of the hunt.

They want to find everything first, even when hunting alone, and it’s such a thrill to mark off each found item.

Therefore, they’re constantly looking up and down for each item on the list, listening for birds chirping or bugs flying, smelling flowers, and touching trees and grass.

Once they’ve completed this nature scavenger hunt, have them make their own list for next time! That will introduce a whole new set of learning skills!

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