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Family Road Trip Photo Scavenger Hunt with Best Buy

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When was your last family road trip? What did you do along the way to keep the kids entertained? We often play fun little games like I Spy or the ABC game while rolling down the road. But, what about when you stop for a break? Sure, everyone needs to stretch their legs a bit, but I know our girls also need to release a little energy as well. On your next stop, try a photo scavenger hunt!

FamilyTravel_ScavengerHunt_Best Buy

Family Road Trip Photo Scavenger Hunt

As you pack up the car for the family road trip, go ahead and prepare for the photo scavenger hunt. Pick up a point and shoot camera, or two, at Best Buy and give them to the kids at each rest stop. Explain to them how the scavenger hunt will work and then begin searching at each break along the journey. The whole family can get involved and enjoy the hunt.

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Once everyone is back in the car, make sure to browse through the photos and check off the items on the hunt that were found at that rest stop. Take note of the items you need to keep watching for the next time out of the car. Based on the location of your drive and age of your children, this could be as challenging or easy as you would like to make it. Simply brainstorm a few ideas before you begin the game and come up with a list of at least 10 items. Or shoot for more if the road trip is a long one. Be sure to include bonus points for Bigfoot photos if he has been known to be in the area!

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You can put together a list on a tablet to make checking off each item easy. Not to mention, the tablet is great for occupying kids with ebooks, movies, games and more while you are back in motion. The road trip should all be about fun. Therefore, make it as amusing as you can and simply enjoy the time on the road with your family!