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101+ Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is upon us and that means the kids are out of school and going to be coming to you looking for something to do. If they don’t do that then you are one lucky parent!

I wanted to be prepared with a list of fun things to do with kids so I went on a hunt for summer activities for kids. I came up with a great list of games to play for my girls! Some do need my involvement – but that’s even better.

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I was particularly looking for outdoor activities for kids and games to play outside, but did happen upon a few indoor games as well.

After all, some summer days, especially here in Texas, can get downright hot.

101 Summer Activities for Kids

So, when it’s time for the kids to come in and cool down, they can still find ways to have fun.

Or, if they want to stay outside, grab the sunblock and take part in some water activities for kids.

Summer Activities

  1. Family field day
  2. Set up a backyard carnival
  3. Put together a time capsule and bury it
  4. Create a summer bucket list
  5. Make summer luminaries
  6. Perform a random act of kindness
  7. Go to a local splash park
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Take a neighbor a surprise
  10. Family photo tree craft
  11. Have a fashion show
  12. Go for a drive
  13. Sandbox treasure hunt
  14. Enjoy an ice cream sandwich cake
  15. Have a dance party
  16. Attend a car show
  17. Record a fun family video
  18. Sidewalk Chalk Games
  19. Play hopscotch
  20. Go on a nature walk
  21. Wash the cars
  22. Start a backyard garden
  23. Make a cardboard city
  24. Keep a summer journal
  25. Family game night
  26. Q-Tip Painting
  27. Shop at an outside market
  28. Read a book
  29. Take a short road trip
  30. Exercise together
  31. Paint a room
  32. Go geocaching
  33. Have a family movie night
  34. Write a song
  35. Make gooey slime
  36. Have a backyard campout
  37. Study moon phases
  38. Alphabet adventure scavenger hunt
  39. Make your own ice cream
  40. Sign up for a class at your local rec center
  41. Attend Vacation Bible School
  42. Make your own galaxy playdough
  43. Watch airplanes take off and land
  44. Make homemade freezer pops
  45. Get out and discover your city
  46. Play freeze tag
  47. Find local free events to attend
  48. Backyard mini golf
  49. Sing karaoke
  50. Have fun with glow sticks
  51. Create an obstacle course
  52. Go on a hike
  53. Have a water balloon launch
  54. Host a tea party
  55. Put on a puppet show
  56. Family talent show
  57. Take a walk
  58. Pick wildflowers
  59. Have your own art class
  60. Fly a kite
  61. Build a fort
  62. Play cards
  63. Make your own magnets
  64. Play in a sprinkler
  65. Go on a bike ride
  66. Visit a local museum
  67. Make sponge balls
  68. Volunteer as a family
  69. Make a volcano
  70. Have a lemonade stand
  71. DIY pasta beads
  72. Go roller skating
  73. Create a family scrapbook
  74. Make magic mud
  75. Star gaze
  76. Watch a movie under the stars
  77. Do weather experiments
  78. Have a hula hoop contest
  79. Spend the day crafting
  80. DIY Drive-In Movie
  81. Jump rope
  82. Go fishing
  83. Make s’mores
  84. Enjoy a themed staycation
  85. Repurpose t-shirts
  86. Take a swim
  87. Bake cookies
  88. Frozen watercolors
  89. Host a BBQ
  90. Visit the arboretum
  91. Memorize and recite a poem
  92. Make a solar oven
  93. Tie-dye shirts
  94. Create thumbprint pictures
  95. Make finger puppets
  96. Bake cupcakes
  97. Visit a local petting zoo
  98. Go on a “bear hunt
  99. Put together a babysitter course
  100. Create a bubble snake maker
  101. Play super heroes for an entire day
  102. Kids love skateboard lessons. Therefore, parents should include this productive and fun summer activity for their children. Skateboarding lessons have basic transportation skills, such as learning foot placement for good balance.

Whew! Okay, most of these are completely budget-friendly and require nothing more than a little creativity.

I would advise having a first aid kit with you to any summer camps or other events involving children. Kids love to have a good time, but there is always the risk of injury, especially in more physical games.

Gather the necessary supplies to treat wounds, including hydrogen peroxide, bandages, and square gauze. You should include over-the-counter medications for treating fever, discomfort, and allergies in case of an emergency. 

In addition, don’t forget to pack energy-giving foods and lots of liquids. Kids may look energetic, but their bodies may lose plenty of fluids while doing all those fun activities during summer.  

This summer, make sure kids stay hydrated. Drink 12 to 20 ounces of fluids before engaging in any strenuous outdoor summer activity, preferably water, since caffeine in sodas and energy drinks causes dehydration.

In addition, I make sure that the children wear light clothes and have a 15-minute break to recuperate.

Let kids enjoy summer with the above activities. Allowing them to go outside helps them explore nature, hone their survival skills, and discover their talents.

Summer activities also help children enhance their hard and soft skills, including communication, motor skills, leadership, agility, concern for others, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Who doesn’t love a long list of fun, free activities for kids!

Not to mention, I think these 101+ summer activities for kids are all totally doable. So… get outside and start playing!


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