Deer Lord! social party game

When Friends Gather… Deer Lord!

Thank you Deer Lord! for sponsoring this post. Grab your new edition of Deer Lord! social party game, available through Target retail stores starting July 30.

There’s something about having your best friends, your squad, over for a simple night together. There’s no expectations. No need to decorate. You just grab some snacks out of the pantry (chips and protein bars are absolutely acceptable), pour some drinks straight from the fridge, and settle in for the evening. Laughter ensues and everyone has the night of their life. Easy!

Deer Lord! social party game

Deer Lord!

But, what makes it even more entertaining is pulling games out of the closet. When you have at least 4 of you, you’re pretty much game ready. The more the merrier, sort of. You don’t want too big a group because then the game gets out of hand. But, with 4 to 8, you’re golden. In fact, the game Deer Lord! is now available through Target retail stores and perfect for a game night with the squad!

Deer Lord! social party game

Deer Lord! actually began as an European independent game phenomena. It’s considered a Social Party Game and a fun way to challenge your friends to “Duels” without worrying about losing friendships. After all, these “Duels” are not your regular bouts and add hilarity to any situation. For instance, have you practiced your air guitar skills lately? You could be challenged to see who puts on the best air guitar performance. I know my skills are considerably lacking!

Deer Lord! social party game

Fortunately, I seem to do well with the “Dupe” cards. This part of the game is where all trust between friends go right out the window. A “Dupe” card gives you a task that you must secretly try to get away with. They’re outrageous social actions that you must perform during the game, unnoticed, without being called out. For example, let’s say your best friend is sitting beside you and you politely talk them into grabbing you a drink. They oblige, leave their seat, and return with your drink. You then get to lay down your “Dupe” card after performing the task on it: “Get someone to leave their seat.”

No one thought anything of it, yet it didn’t go completely unnoticed because your BFF clearly got out of their seat to grab the drink for you. See? But not all dupes are that easy to sneak in. Do you think you could nonchalantly repeat everything another player says… by singing the words? This is where you start getting called out by your friends!

The newly revised edition of Deer Lord! features the card set included in the box, as well as two expansion packs: “Broadway” and “Gangsta.” Gather around the coffee table during your next night-in with friends and see how many of your squad you can dupe!

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