5 family date night ideas
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When was your last family date night? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no reason to NOT to celebrate just because you have the kids. In fact, McAlister’s® Deli is encouraging parents to bring the kids out to eat with their Kids Eat Free Day!

5 family date night ideas

Family Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love — however that may present itself in your life. Therefore, whether your babysitter is unavailable or you just want to have a family date night, here are a few ways to spend quality time with those closest to you!

McAlisters Deli Family Date Night

Have a puzzle date night

In today’s world with busy schedules and various interests, finding time for family bonding can be difficult. But, with a little creativity and planning, families can come together and have fun with something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle.

All you need to do is to choose a puzzle that everyone will enjoy. For family date nights, jigsaw puzzles of 300-piece count are ideal, as they are not too difficult, but also not too easy, making the activity a great challenge for everyone. 

Go Out to Eat

Any time mom and dad can get out of the kitchen for a meal, that’s a good thing, right? Take a break from cooking, get the kids into the car, and head to a local restaurant. McAlister’s has been recognized as a top kid-friendly fast casual chain and perfect for families. Plus, as I mentioned above, on Valentine’s Day, Kids Eat Free! Enjoy a great tasting meal and real conversation with your kids.

Have a Picnic

Stop by McAlister’s and pick up your favorite deli meals through their online ordering service. Then, pack the food in a picnic basket and head to a local park. Lay out a blanket or snag a table, either way, you can enjoy a light-hearted meal in an outdoor, casual setting. You and the kids can run and play while enjoying the weather and food.

See a Movie

If the weather isn’t picnic-worthy, go see a movie. Is there a new feature out the kids have really been wanting to see? Hit the matinee and splurge on a treat during the film. Sometimes it’s just the idea of getting away from the house for a little bit that makes for the perfect date night.

Get Crafty

Check for local craft classes or events that the whole family can attend. If there are no classes scheduled, buy art supplies and host your own crafting party! It’s all about being creative, expressing yourself, and relishing the time together.

Play Ball

Whether your family likes watching a sport or actually playing, get to it. Will it be a game of catch at the park? Or perhaps your local sports teams have a game on the schedule. Plan a family date night at your favorite sports venue, dress in team colors and cheer on your team!

McAlisters Deli Family Date Night

Family date night ideas do not have to be off the wall or difficult to plan. In fact, we have found that the kids normally just want quality time with mom and dad. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything particularly grand. Just make the effort and see how the kids respond.