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We have a 10 year old entrepreneur. She is always trying to come up with new business ideas and ways to make money. Sometimes she wants to fund her own piggy bank and other times we wants to raise money for charity. Whichever the reason, Colby and I are, obviously, responsible for doing our part in helping. I always tell him that she will go far as long as we do not hold her back.

8 tips for a successful lemonade stand

Successful Lemonade Stand

One of her favorite ways to make a little extra cash with her friends is a lemonade stand. We often have some sort of lemonade on hand and even keep disposable cups… just in case. As long as the weather is nice outside, it is almost a guarantee that she will ask at least once a week. Therefore, we do what we can to assist her and she has been pretty successful with her ventures thus far.

Together, we have learned a few tricks and tips on running a successful lemonade stand. Take a look:

  1. Check the weather. I know. Sounds like a no-brainer but really. Check the weather! You want to make sure your efforts are not completely rained out.
  2. Decide on your lemonade mixture. We love to make homemade lemonade as often as we can, but must admit that powdered is often easier in masses. We do include lemon slices in the finished product though.
  3. Choose your location. We live on a road far off the main road through our little town, but my sister leaves on a much busier street in town. Therefore, we often ask to borrow her front yard. Otherwise, if it is allowed, you could always set up in a park or other more public location.
  4. Throw in options. Although it’s technically a “lemonade stand”, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Quite literally you could add a flavor to your lemonade, such as strawberry or raspberry. We have also found that bottles of water or soda also sell well. Not to mention a few bags of chips or candy. Sure, they cut into your initial overhead, but they can sell better than the regular lemonade some days. We have even offered Iced Coffee before!
  5. Have signage. Believe it or not, just setting up on the side of the road with a table full of lemonade and cups is not enough. Let the kids make signs to display. Our girls often take turns being the official sign spinner. Plus, they tend to gently yell at the passing cars. Our neighbors love us!
  6. Price your products properly. If I let my 8 year old price everything, she would honestly nickle and dime everything. But, we must be practical and price items so that we see a return on our investment. Think about what you would pay as a consumer and price accordingly.
  7. Plan ahead. Make your lemonade the night before so it will be chilled when your stand opens. Be prepared for success and make several gallons (we make 3) so there is no back up at your stand. Have all of your supplies ready to go and don’t forget to get a trashcan ready as well. Have your chairs and table ready, as well as an umbrella if there is no shade nearby.
  8. Smile! You have no idea how far a simple smile will go. Our girls are great at customer service and enjoy chatting with their customers. This brings them back the next time they see the girls set up outside. Return customers are great in any business, right?! This sidewalk lemonade stand is no different.

lemonade stand sign

What lemonade stand tips would you add?

Personally, I think the best part of having a lemonade stand is letting the kids enjoy themselves. Sure, there are math lessons and social skills learned. Maybe even a few dollars earned if all goes well. But, overall, we simply like letting them put together their business and watching them try.


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