2019-Jaden and Jaci

Handmade Fundraising Efforts Simplified and Streamlined

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my mini-entrepreneurs a time or two. Our kids truly have business-mindsets and are always exploring new ways to generate an income for themselves.

2019-Jaden and Jaci

Handmade Scrunchie Sets

Most recently, Jaci has started selling printable stickers on Etsy and Jaden is going a different handmade route with scrunchie sets.

Whereas Jaci is selling her digital downloads as a way to have her own spending money, Jaden has a more focused reason for selling.

NYC Mission Trip

She is going on another mission trip this summer and wants to earn as much of the money for it as she can—on her own.

When my mom passed away, my dad gave me most of my mom’s sewing things. She had an entire room set up for sewing, so, as you can imagine, it was a lot to take.

Honestly, I’m grateful for the precious memories found in each of these pieces.

The first time I pulled out her sewing machine was right before our granddaughter was born. I wanted to make her a tag blanket out of the same material I had made her youngest aunt one out of.

Yes, I still had the material nine years later. I guess I’m just like my mom in that regards.

Anyway, Jaden decided she wanted to make one for Riley as well. So, I sat down with her and showed her how to do it.

With a bit of patience and very slow stitching on the machine, we were both extremely proud of the mini tag blanket she made.

The following Christmas season, the one that just passed, Jaden decided she wanted to have a full handmade Christmas.

Jaden sewing

Every gift she gave was made by her; straight from the heart.

For example, she made polymer clay earrings for her mentor.

She made Riley a larger quilt, made with quilt blocks my mom had started. Don’t get me started on the tears this one brought us all.

For me? I love her natural talent when it comes to song writing and singing so I asked for a song.

Yes, cue more tears!

Needless to say, her creativity knows no bounds and she has taken to sewing as though she was born to do it.

She purchases thrift clothes just so she can use them to create her own designs by tailoring and painting them.

Yes. Painting.

She has her own very unique design style.

Handmade Fundraising Efforts Simplified and Streamlined

In fact, it was this style that made me think of something; a name for her designs.

Sew Unique.

Nowadays, a quick search shows that the name itself is no longer unique, but the meaning behind it is.

sew unique scrunchie set

My mom always played the part of seamstress as a side hustle. Before Colby and I were married, and after I got my first computer, my mom asked me create a logo for her.

This was 25+ years ago, so using Microsoft Paint, I helped her come up with a design she could use on her labels.

The name she used was Sew Unique.

Therefore, it seems fitting that Jaden would create her designs under the same name.

She has started with scrunchie sets. It seems this was the most popular choice among her friends and she went with it.

After deciding on fabric selections, cutting strips upon strips of different patterns, sewing and then inverting every piece before doing the final hand-stitch, it was time to photograph and market each set.

Using Cricut Design Space and my Cricut Maker, we were easily able to design and cut branded scrunchie tags for her.

So… if you want to help her out with her fundraising efforts, you can find her scrunchie sets here!

peace love friendships shirt

Order her graphic tee shirt here.

NOLA or Bust FlipGive

Or, we’ve set up a FlipGive Team as well so you can easily give her a few cents towards her fundraising goal or join her team and earn cash with each qualified purchase!