Encourage Independence by Teaching Kids To Use Power Tools

We have seven people in this house. That means when it comes to doing work around the house, there is definitely a need for everyone to “pull their own weight.”

Therefore, we make sure everyone has an equal opportunity and encourage independence by teaching the kids to use power tools.

teaching kids to use power tools

Teaching Kids To Use Power Tools

The last thing we want is for them to happen upon one of the tools themselves and try to use it without any prior knowledge.

They must understand the safety rules and proper technique behind the use of each tool from an electric drill to a miter saw.

We have a responsibility to teach them correctly from the beginning so that they can carry that life skill well into adulthood.

These four safety tips will help kids feel more comfortable around power tools:

Use Size-Appropriate Tools

Try to stick to smaller hand tools and power tools, such as precision instruments like Brown and Sharpe, as they begin to learn.

These smaller tools are easier to handle and will allow the child to get a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the force of the tool.

Graduate to larger tools once they understand and respect the power of the tools.

Always Under Supervision

A watchful eye and guiding hand can go a long way in ensuring the safety of everyone.

Although we want to encourage empowerment and independence, we also want to remain safe while doing so.

Bring along your patience and allow the child to do as much as possible on their own—under your skilled eye.

Lead By Example

I have discovered that leading by example is perhaps the most effective means of teaching.

Whether we mean it to be or not, our kids are watching and tend to imitate what they see us doing.

Therefore, be mindful to use proper skills and safety rules when you use power tools as well, and your children are sure to follow suit.

Teach Tool Maintenance

There is a place for everything, and everything has its place.

Keeping the tools stored in their proper place helps to lower the risk of accidents.

Not to mention, blades, bits, and other parts should be accurately maintained in order to ensure correct movement during use.

Plus, you should make sure that gloves, goggles, and other safety gear is readily available.

kids and power tools

Although these are very basic steps to teaching kids to use power tools, they are a place to start the journey.

You will further enhance their life application skills, which are needed far after they have left the nest and must take care of their own DIY projects.