Every Cent Counts – How Pocket Change Can Really Add Up

Colby empties his pockets every day and drops the change he finds into a jar that he affectionately calls his 401K plan. It may seem silly to some — but we have discovered quickly that pocket change can really add up!

How Pocket Change Can Really Add Up

Pocket Change Can Add Up

Pocket change can seem like more of a nuisance than something of value, but you may be amazed at how quickly it can add up and become of great use. By saving your change throughout all your daily transactions, you can begin building a pile of cash that can go a long way. Those individuals who collect pocket change testify to its amazing ability to multiply from a small to large amount.

Keep a Jar

One of the oldest ways to collect pocket change involves nothing more than a jar. Whenever you come home from an excursion, empty your pockets and wallet into the jar. If you do this faithfully, the total will add up in no time. Check it after one year, and you could be several hundred dollars ahead.

Take It to the Bank

Try rolling up your money every few months, and deposit it in your savings account. Although the amount may seem small, if it is in a savings account it will grow more than in your pocket or piggy bank. By depositing your change in the bank regularly, you will be able to earn interest on it instead of it sitting stagnant.

What to Spend It On

Once your money begins to accumulate, you can decide what you will use it for. Some people like to save it for Christmas presents, some for birthday gifts, and others for a vacation spending fund. No matter which direction you choose to put your money towards, it will be one less thing to pay for later and will make a difference in your budget.

Where Else to Find Change

Not finding enough spare change in your own pockets? Try keeping your eyes open. When you see a coin on the ground, pick it up. Look through your couch occasionally, and consider doing a little low-key search at your local laundromat or around public vending machines. Often people are careless and in a rush, and you will find loose change lying around.

Get the Family Involved

Do you have children? This can be a fun activity for them to join in on. It teaches them the value of money, how a little adds up, and how we must work for what we have. Have your children scout around for loose change. Perhaps you will consider letting them do the work of sorting or rolling coins in exchange for them keeping the money, or investing it in a college fund for their future. Year by year, the money will grow and could end up as a valuable amount by the time they need it.

Collecting and saving pocket change is nothing to turn up one’s nose at. Saving your pennies can lead you to extra spending money, a small vacation, or a gift for yourself that you have been holding out on. There is also the benefit of lessons such as patience, and learning to pay attention to detail in the small areas. Start saving your pocket change now and one year from now you’ll be smiling.

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