Smart Ways to Put a Green Spin on Christmas

Many people who are interested in protecting the environment are concerned about the commercialism of Christmas and how much packaging goes to landfills each year.

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Smart Ways to Put a Green Spin on Your Christmas

Green Spin on Christmas

The following are some smart ways to put a green spin on your Christmas. Think about the environment and how the extra trash can affect it when planning this year’s gift-giving.

One way to put a green spin on Christmas is to make your gifts rather than buy them. Besides making less of an impact on the environment, making gifts will make less of an impact on your wallet as well.

Think about the people you plan to give gifts to and then think of things you can make or re-purpose to create one-of-a-kind gifts.

Homemade cookies or candies can be a great holiday gift. Take a weekend and spend the time with your immediate family baking several different types of cookies, fudge, divinity, or peanut brittle.

Think of what the people on your list would enjoy and make enough that you can create several gifts from your time in the kitchen.

Some people are crafty and are able to crochet or knit. If this is you, why not make them a scarf, cozy slippers, or crocheted dishcloths? Those who sew may want to make table runners with matching placemats and napkins.

Children love stuffed animals. There are many types of stuffed animals you can make either from sewing, crocheting, or knitting.

Find instructions and patterns at craft stores, in craft books in the library, or on the internet. Any child would enjoy a stuffed animal made with lots of love.

Is there someone on your list who loves to cook? There are many things you can give that will be helpful in the kitchen.

Get a large strainer, and place spaghetti noodles, sauce, and canned mushrooms or olives in it. Add a spaghetti server and Parmesan cheese to finish the gift off. Wrap it with colored cellophane, much like an Easter basket.

You will have given them a gift they can use and they will have little trash to throw away.

Bath oils, bubble baths, and bath salts are great gifts to give to the women on your list. You can make your own relatively easily and for very little money.

Look for recipes for these types of items in books, magazines, and online. You could also make your own handcrafted glycerin-based soaps in your friends and family’s favorite scents.

Try to find local arts and crafts shows or festivals. You can find some unique locally made gifts at these events. Not only can you find great gifts, but you will also be supporting the local economy.

Gifts made close to home require less fuel for transport.

Choose a small, real Christmas tree that can be planted after the holiday rather than an artificial tree. A live tree will improve the air quality in your home and give it an awesome winter scent. 

Re-purpose an old pillowcase into a DIY Christmas Pillow with a bit of spray paint.

These are but a few of the many smart ways to put a green spin on your Christmas this year.

Remember to try to re-purpose, recycle and reuse wrapping items you already have. Make as many gifts as you can rather than buying. Most importantly, enjoy the time with your friends and family during this holiday season.

**Originally published on November 30, 2016