REVERSED 52-Week Money Challenge Printable

REVERSED 52-Week Money Challenge

You’ve heard of the 52-week money challenge, right?

Basically, you begin with $1 on the first week and increase your savings amount each week. Well, I look at it a little differently.

The 52-Week Money Challenge is a simple yet effective strategy to build an emergency fund .

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have a substantial emergency fund, providing peace of mind and financial security. Make saving a habit and watch your funds grow week by week.

REVERSED 52-Week Money Challenge

I think it works better reversed, especially if you’re starting the challenge around the first of the year.

Think about it. If you started with $1 this week, you will be depositing the larger amounts near the holidays.

Who wants to drop bigger amounts into spending during the busiest time of the year?

Therefore, try the REVERSED 52-Week Money Challenge and see how it works for you!

No matter which way you do it, you will end up with $1,378 in savings after following the plan for a year!

NOTE: The money challenge was designed to perfectly match my 2017 Printable Blog Planner.

10 Reasons to Be on a Budget

10 Reasons to Be on a Budget

Being on a budget is not always fun, but it is always beneficial.

Whether you are a college student who is strapped for money, or a parent trying to teach your children its value, using a budget instills organization into your financial life.

Why should you consider using a budget?

Here are ten reasons.

Knowing Where Your Money Is Spent

How could you not know where your money is being spent? It is easier than you would imagine to start off with a certain amount of money and have it disappear halfway through the week.

Keeping a budget gives you a good grasp of where your money is going.

Gives You the Knowledge to Make Changes

Perhaps you are spending $10 per day on fast food. This can add up to around $3,650 per year.

It’s something you don’t think of when you are ordering that cheeseburger meal, but it is good to be aware of how much money you may be throwing away.

Helping You Reach Your Financial Goals

Having a budget helps you get to where you want to be financially. It does this by exposing the good and bad.

This knowledge combined with a determination to spend wisely can assist you in getting to where you need to be in life.

Decreasing Stress

When you know how much money you make, and know how much you can spend, it takes the guesswork out of things.

Instead of wondering whether you’ll have enough money to pay the bills, you will already know. This makes for a better quality of life.

Drawing Families Together

When you work on your budget, involve the whole family. Offer an incentive if everyone can help the family stick to the budget.

Carrying out a budget is an experience that will bring memories and a spirit of teamwork to your family.

Allowing You to Save

When you don’t keep track of your finances, they have a habit of disappearing. The money kept in your wallet will slip away without a trace.

Using a budget makes you think twice about spending, and promotes a “think first” attitude instead of feeling like you have an unlimited supply.

Allowing You to Prepare for Changes

If your financial situation changes, it can bring a sense of upheaval. However, if you are already budgeting you will be better prepared to make adjustments where necessary.

Simply do a bit of juggling with the math and you will know what changes need to be made.

Making Quick Decisions Easier

Thinking you’d love to buy that cute pair of shoes at the mall? With a budget, you will be aware of how much spending money you have left.

If you don’t have enough, you’ll know and it will be easier to say “no” to your temptations.

Promoting Healthy Choices

Gotten stuck in a trap of grabbing fast food on the way home instead of making a sandwich, or stopping for a sugary gourmet coffee every day?

A budget reminds you how fast these expenses add up. This can give you the willpower to say no.

Keeps You from Debt

No one wants to be up to their neck in credit card debt. Sticking to a budget keeps you living within your means and avoiding this trap. It is definitely worth planning to avoid this kind of debt.

Creating a budget may seem like a chore, but it brings freedom. Using one has so many benefits that it is worth planning. Try one and see how great it can be.

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