2017 Printable Blog Planner

Are you ready to start planning your next business year? Thanks to the popularity of both my 2015 and 2016 printable blog planner and the emails for a new one,

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I finally found time this past week to put together the 2017 printable blog planner!

2017 Printable Blog Planner

2017 Printable Blog Planner

Again, I always feel I should thank each and every one of you that download, pin, and share my printable blog planners.

This year, I researched ideas for weeks as far as what would be most helpful to include. I thought about my own planning needs.

I even tried to consider the amount of ink required to print the planner, therefore the colors are a bit muted and some of the graphics are less detailed.

2017 Printable Blog Planner

As with previous years, the best part about a printable planner is that you only have to print the pages you need.

Skip over the ones you don’t feel are useful to you and print as many as the ones that you do find helpful!

Here is what is included:

  • Week At-a-Glance: Get a glimpse of your week all at once. Write post titles, notes, events, or whatever you may need in the daily boxes to help plan your week in full.
  • Post Planner: Brainstorm each element of your blog posts from the title, and content SEO keyword to the images and supplies you will need. Think of it as a recipe and make sure you have all the ingredients before you get started.
  • Annual Stats: If one of your goals is to grow your social numbers, you can track your growth each month with the annual stat tracker.
  • Monthly Expenses: Keep those receipts and be sure to tally every expense here. From web hosting to continued education to tools for blogging, investing in your business is often necessary — and possibly tax deductible.
  • Monthly Income: Even better than the money you spend, you probably want to know how much money you’re making. Keep track of the money coming in as well as where it came from. Plus, this chart will help you track down those unpaid services.
  • Notes & Ideas: Ever need to just “brain dump?” Here is where you can do just that! Write down your ideas. Brainstorm. Jot down goals. Doodle. Use this sheet (and as many others as you print) however you wish.
  • Holidays and Observances: Bloggers celebrate most holidays at least 2 months prior to their actual date. That, my friends, is the life of a blogger. You have to stay ahead of the Google searches and Pinterest  feeds. This list is not complete but gives you a heads-up on the U.S. Holidays and some fun (mostly food-based) observances.
  • Dashboard: Because sometimes you just need a little motivation!

Finally, this year I added a Business Package for those that may need a bit more for your small business.

The Business Package is a premium kit that you can add to the 2017 free printable planner.

Business Edition Planner Package

Additionally, there are a few other resources that you can add to for a complete home planner.

Find the new additions in my shop and feel free to sign up as an affiliate and share with your friends! 

Hopefully, you will find at least a page or two helpful in your blog planning for 2017. Please let me know if there is more you think it needs!

Plus, add the Reversed 52-Week Money Challenge to your planner as well!

Finally, grab a few planner needs and accessories and you’re ready to start printing!

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