Fun Spring Outdoor Activities for Kids

As soon as there is a hint of warmth in the air, we make sure the kids are outside as much as possible!

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Colby and I thoroughly enjoy being outside and the kids just need a little push nowadays to get out there.

Spring in Texas is the perfect time to get outdoors! The weather is typically ideal for outdoor activities; not too hot, not too cold. As long as you can keep your allergies at bay, you can have a pretty pleasant time outdoors in spring.

Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

Spring Outdoor Activities

Claritin® can help allergy sufferers get back to enjoying the simple joys of life that the outdoors can bring and share their happiness with others.

Not to mention, a new survey commissioned by the makers of Claritin, found that spending as little as 20 minutes outside in nature can help make you feel happy.

The survey found, 97% of Americans surveyed said that spring is a great season to experience the simple joys that outdoor activities provide.

What better way to be happy than to partake in some fun outdoor activities with your kids for your 20 Minutes of Spring.

Fun Spring Outdoor Activities For Kids

With a small bit of planning and little resources, these spring outdoor activities for kids can be simple to put together in no time:

Host an Outdoor Field Day

School isn’t the only place where the kids can enjoy field day! Set up an obstacle course of fun field day games in your backyard and let the kids have a friendly-competition with friends!

Make DIY Bird Feeders

One quick search on Pinterest and you will find a variety of great bird feeders you can make with the kids. Want to keep it really easy?

Take an empty cardboard tube, cover it with peanut butter, then roll it in birdseed. Tie a piece of twine through the middle of the tube and hang it. You and the kids can then sit back and watch the birds come to feast!

Blow Bubbles

What kid doesn’t enjoy bubbles? Even as adults, it’s fun to watch the bubbles float carefree through the sky. Whether you use store-bought bubbles or make your own solution, blowing bubbles can be a relaxing, yet fun time with your kids.

spring outdoor movie night

Outdoor Movie Night

Why sit inside and watch movies when the weather outside is perfect? Hang a sheet, use the side of the house, or purchase an outdoor movie screen and watch your favorite family-friendly movies in the backyard!

Go on a Bike Ride

Pull out the bikes and dust the winter off of them. Grab your helmets and some water bottles and head out on a bike ride. Find a local trail or enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood. It’s truly just about the ride.

Fly a Kite

Nothing is more enjoyable on a windy day than flying a kite with your kids! You can make your own with supplies from home or grab one at the store. Don’t miss the gusts of wind ready to help your kite set sail in the air! Let’s go fly a kite!

spring smores

Eat S’mores

Even once the sun sets, there are still plenty of things to do outside. As the temperature drops a few degrees, get the fire pit going and roast marshmallows for a deliciously, gooey S’mores treat!

Plant Flowers

Spring is the ideal time for freshening up your garden. Look around your local nursery for colorful flowers to spruce up your yard. Let your kids add a fairy garden to your landscape to encourage creativity as well as learning.

Go on a Picnic

No reason to go indoors just because everyone is hungry! Pack a meal into a picnic basket, pull out a blanket, and have a seat on the green grass. Eat together outside and fully bask in the fresh air and beauty of being outdoors.

See what I mean? It’s so easy to get outside and enjoy the spring weather without planning much at all.

How are you going to spend your 20 Minutes of Spring?

The 20 Minutes of Spring Project is a part of year two of a three-year partnership between Claritin and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, where Claritin has committed up to $500,000 to fund programming and create resources to help get kids outside.

Children's Claritin Chewables

This year, Claritin provided an Imagination Playground to Boys & Girls Clubs of America at PS 125 in Harlem, NYC to enable kids to get outside and enjoy nature.

This playground equipment is particularly relevant as 54% of those surveyed said their favorite childhood outdoor activities included playing at a playground or park.

How you can get involved and help the kids of Boys & Girls Clubs of America: 

It’s simple – post a picture of your favorite family-friendly outdoor spring activity on Facebook or Instagram with both #Claritin and #20MinutesofSpring by June 21, 2018. Every post triggers a $5 donation to Boys and Girls Clubs of America (up to $50,000).

So get outside and share your 20 Minutes of Spring activities!

Disclosure: I received free product and compensation from Claritin® to write this post. All opinions are my own.