Ditching the Screens For Some Outdoor Activity

Ditching the Screens For Some Outdoor Activity

Do you find that your kids don’t have the get-up and go to get outside and play? Like many children, would they rather just sit on their video games? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon.

Ditching the Screens For Some Outdoor Activity

Outdoor Activity

Many kids these days struggle to find the motivation to enjoy so many of the outdoor activities that we may have done when we were children. 

It can be hard to find balance as a parent. On the one hand, you want a kid that gets to do what they want to do. You don’t want to deprive them of the things that they enjoy doing. And video games can be really helpful in developing a certain set of skills.

However, you may be well aware that it is not healthy for your kids to not get the exercise they should be. And, that by neglecting other forms of play, there will be skills that they may not be developing at the right speed. 

Manage Screen Time

We are all suckers for sitting on our tech devices and ignoring each other. But if we’re satisfied scrolling through our own Instagram feeds for hours on end, our kids see that this behavior is acceptable.

This means, when it comes to laying down ground rules about the amount of time that your children get to spend on video games, if you are not following similar rules, then your kids will find the hypocrisy hard to handle.

You need to make sure that you are also managing your screen time too. 

Set specified lengths of time that your kids can use their video games. Get used to set a timer and check in with them a few minutes beforehand to allow them to break from their game at a convenient point.

Try and ensure that the screen time they are allowed is not immediately before bed as it can affect their sleep patterns. 

Encourage Outdoor Activities

One of the best ways to get your kids active outdoors is to get outside with them. Encouraging your children to enjoy themselves will mean that you need to take them places that will inspire them.

Consider planning a family field day to encourage more physical play outdoors.

Think about creating some kind of reward into any long journey, or if they have had to walk far. Make sure you come up with lots of fun activities to do when you are out.

If you make everything a game, you will find that your kids engage with the activities that you have planned for them in a much more productive manner. 

Make sure that if you are going out with your kids, that they are dressed appropriately for wherever they are going.

Sawyer kids offers a range of great adventure-style apparel so that your kids can really look the part when they are exploring the big wide world. Not only will they look great, but they will also be suitably warm and protected from the elements. 

You will all benefit from a bit of outdoor activity. Not only is it good exercise, but it also helps to create a much better bond for you all as a family unit. 

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