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Family Fun Outdoors – Stay Active with L’il Critters

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After being kept inside during the cold weather months, the warm sun of the spring and summer months brings a need to get outdoors. It’s the perfect time to unplug and get outside to run, skip, bike and play.

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Family Fun Outdoors

Speaking of playing, we enjoy finding new ways to create family fun outdoors. Interestingly enough, I often draw on my own pre-technology childhood to encourage the kids to play together.

I spent most of my weekends with my cousins and we enjoyed playing all sorts of games. All we needed to play was a bit of creativity and a lot of energy.

colored eggs backyard game

Colored Eggs

This backyard game, even in its simplicity, is still a favorite for my oldest children and their cousins.

Choose a “mama hen” and a wolf. The other players are all eggs. The wolf then “knocks” on a pretend door and mama hen begins the conversation, “Who’s there?” “The Big Bad Wolf.” “What do you want?” “Colored eggs.” “What color?” The wolf then has to try to guess a color that represents one of the “eggs” (they each pick a color and tell mama hen).

Once he picks a colored egg from the nest, he chases the egg around. If the egg makes it back to the nest without getting caught, the wolf goes through the scenario again. If the egg is caught, it becomes the wolf.

backyard tag

Cartoon Tag

We’ve all played a game of freeze tag, right?

Cartoon Tag adds an additional element to the game of chase. One person is chosen to be “it” while the others prepare to run.

As the pursuit begins, the pursued must shout out a cartoon character if they are in danger of being tagged. If they are caught before naming a character, they are frozen. The last person not frozen then becomes “it” for the next game.

playing red light green light

Red Light

Choose a “traffic light” and line everyone else up several yards away from the light. The traffic light then yells out a stop light color: red, green, yellow.

Each color represents the speed at which the others must try to get to the traffic light. Green = go; yellow = slow; red = stop. On green everyone runs, yellow means walk, and red means stop.

Those caught moving on red must go back to the starting line. The first one to the traffic light wins and takes their place.

family fun outdoors with lil critters

Although simple in nature, each game is a joy to play and keeps the family playing for as long as everyone can continue.

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How do you and your family enjoy the outdoors?