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If you’ve ever been told that one of your children has special needs, you’ve probably felt that tinge of guilt that often follows the diagnosis. What did I do wrong? Could I have prevented this? So many questions.

Pediatrics Plus

Pediatrics Plus

Yet, once you begin to work through the emotions, you seek answers and support. You find out, you’re not alone. There are other parents walking your journey, and loving people out there eager to help with your child. People like those found at Pediatrics Plus.

visit to Pediatrics Plus

Colby and I were recently invited to Pediatrics Plus in Little Rock, Arkansas. From the moment we arrived at the facility, we were treated like part of the family. The team they have put together, from the owners to the directors, therapists and teachers, are genuinely passionate about the work they do. This speaks volumes in the lives of the children they serve.

As we toured the facility, Colby and I watched as one young boy rode a bike through the hall in one direction, then enjoyed a game of hide-and-seek as he ran the other way. His therapist was close behind him the entire time, yet gave him the liberty and confidence to play is own way.

Pediatrics Plus students

As we observed inside one classroom, another small boy in a weighted vest lined up his toys along the shelf. I smiled as I recalled how Joeli would do that all the time with her toys. In fact, sometimes she still does it. Oh, and when we turned to leave, after receiving a nice note from the class, that sane little boy asked me for a hug. He completely stole my heart.

It’s easy to see why the Pediatrics Plus employees enjoy their work; they’re

“empowering children to conquer their world.”

Just as their motto says; and you can see it on the children’s faces as you walk the halls of the facility.

Pediatrics Plus Frisco

I cannot tell you how excited Colby and I are to know their newest facility is opening next month near us! Joeli is well past the need for the services Pediatrics Plus offers, but I’m excited about the opportunity it’s bringing to other children in our area. We were blessed with an incredible Speech Therapist and equally awesome Occupational Therapist, and I know how important a role they can play in the life of a special needs child.

Beyond the child though, I understand the need for this type of person when it comes to helping the whole family. And this is where Pediatrics Plus excels. They cater to the patient AND their family. By putting them both first, they’ve created an environment full of compassion and love for all who enter.

Pediatrics Plus Frisco Texas

If you’re in the Frisco, Texas area and you’re looking for a place that will love your kids, the way you do, then this is the place for you! Pediatrics Plus offers a developmental preschool that includes speech, occupational, physical and ABA therapy. Watch for the Frisco location to open next month!

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