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Spring Fairy Garden Activity for Kids

Ever since we moved last Spring, Jaci has been begging us for a fairy garden. The one she had at our last house literally got destroyed by a bad hail storm the night before we moved.

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Therefore, we’ve promised her space in the flower gardens to set up her new spring fairy garden.

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to fulfill that promise to her; besides it gets us all outside!

Spring Fairy Garden Activity for Kids

Spring Fairy Garden

A recent survey commissioned by the makers of Claritin® found that spending as little as 20 minutes outside in nature can help make you feel happy.

In addition, the survey found that 97% of Americans think Spring is a great season to experience the simple joys that outdoor activities provide. After being cooped up inside all winter, we love the idea of getting back outdoors!

We open our windows and let the fresh air in at the first sign of warm weather.

Finding 20 minutes of Spring activities to enjoy doesn’t take much, but, in today’s world, it means getting outside–without technology.

That’s perhaps the bigger challenge for the younger generation.

fairy garden tire swing

This is why the Spring Fairy Garden will be the perfect project for Jaci and her sisters to take on. Not only does it encourage creativity, but it inspires storytelling and character development.

As a homeschool mom, we always look for ways to interject learning into our daily lives, and the fairy garden is an excellent tool.

There is magic found within the lives of the fairies, and the girls can easily share that with others through the stories they share.

spring fairy garden for kids

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of a Spring fairy garden for kids is the knowledge of what plants need to survive.

Unfortunately, I did not inherit my mom’s incredible green thumb. I’m actually quite the opposite and seem to kill every plant I touch.

But, as they plant and care for the plants in their fairy garden, they will get a better understanding of the way plants grow and what they need to flourish.

fairy overlooking her garden

Mostly though, working together on their fairy garden, the girls will build an even stronger bond working through the design of the garden, choosing which plants to grow, and maintaining the garden so it can grow.

Just 20 minutes of Spring each day and they will be able to create much more than a simple garden for fairies. They will cultivate memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Best of all? We can relieve our allergy symptoms with Claritin so there’s no hindrance when it comes to participating in outdoor spring activities, like the fairy garden.

Boho fairy garden

How will you spend your 20 Minutes of Spring?

The 20 Minutes of Spring Project is a part of year two of a three-year partnership between Claritin and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, where Claritin has committed up to $500,000 to fund programming and create resources to help get kids outside.

This year, Claritin is providing an Imagination Playground to Boys & Girls Clubs of America at PS 125 in Harlem, NYC to enable kids to get outside and enjoy nature.

This playground equipment is particularly relevant as 54% of those surveyed said their favorite childhood outdoor activities included playing at a playground or park.

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Get involved and help the kids of Boys & Girls Clubs of America

It’s simple – post a picture of your favorite family-friendly outdoor spring activity on Facebook or Instagram with both #Claritin and #20MinutesofSpring by June 21, 2018. Every post triggers a $5 donation to Boys and Girls Clubs of America (up to $50,000).

So get outside and share your 20 Minutes of Spring activities! To learn more go to

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