children on walking bridge

Did you know May is National Foster Care Month? And with more than 400,000 children in the American foster care system at any given time, and an average of 700 kids entering the foster care system every day, the topic should be at the top of many minds.

children on walking bridge

Foster Care

Colby and I just began foster parent training (again) this past week and are excited about being back on the journey. We’ve prayed about it for years and are ready to take the leap!

FosterMore, a coalition of entertainment, media, business and philanthropic organizations working to deliver a better future for America’s foster care youth, kicks off today its #DonateYourSmallTalk campaign just in time for May National Foster Care Month. 

The premise for FosterMore’s #DonateYourSmallTalk is simple – simply talking about foster care can help millions of kids who are currently in the foster care system or were in the system at some point in their lives.  

Instead of talking about the weather, the weekend or lunch plans, FosterMore is encouraging people to donate their small talk time to foster care. The goal is to inspire dialogue and action around foster care action that could impact lives.  

Foster homes and foster parents are critical for children who are displaced temporarily or permanently. In the United States 184,000 households have at least one foster child younger than 18, and each day approximately 700 children enter the foster care system.

More importantly, foster care youth also have dreams. A recent study found about 70 percent of foster youth plan to go to college.  

FosterMore shines a light on the amazing potential of kids and families in the foster care system, and empowers all foster kids to reach their dreams through education.   

In addition to #DonateYourSmallTalk, FosterMore is partnering with Give Back to issue $5 million in college scholarships to foster youth who are in high school in California, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Give Back scholarship, together with federal and state financial aid, covers tuition, standard fees, and room and board expenses. Give Back will select 250 students over the next four years, and the scholarship is contingent on their acceptance to one of the 29 partnering colleges.

Give Back provides mentoring, college readiness programs and scholarships to students who face adversity every day and are academically driven.  

FosterMore encourages everyone – whether to become a foster parent, offer resources or simply donate their small talk – to play a part in ensuring that foster youth receive the support, nurturing and guidance they need to succeed in life.