Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries
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Twice a year, most of us find ourselves changing our clocks. We spring forward in the early months only to fall back during the end of the year.

5 things to do when you change the clock

Along with those time changes, we are often reminded to do a few other home maintenance tasks.

Change Your Clock

Of course, some may complain about the time change. I, for one, prefer longer days, alas it is something that we must do twice a year.

We can also use the date on the calendar as a reminder to do other tasks around the house.

Energizer Change your clock Change your batteries

Change your Batteries

Perhaps one of the most important things to do when you change your clock is to also change your batteries.

As part of the annual Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries™ program, Energizer encourages you to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks.

It is a simple, life-saving habit than can keep you and your family safe in your home.

Not to mention, with all the other technology in homes today, it’s also a good time to check your smart thermostat, home surveillance cameras, door lock management device, bedside flashlights, portable chargers or home security system for working batteries.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Clean the medicine cabinet

Medicines expire and this is the perfect opportunity to go through and properly dispose of those that are no longer good.

Make sure you know how to throw out medicines safely!

Flip the mattress

Flip the mattress

Your mattress, if applicable, should be flipped at least twice a year.

Gather the pillows and bedding for a good washing, vacuum the mattress, and flip it.

Change filters

If you have central air and heat, now is the time to check and change those filters.

In fact, check filters in your vacuum, coffee maker, refrigerator, etc. and replace or clean those in need.

Organize seasonal clothes

Organize seasonal clothes

The changing of the clocks often mean changing off the seasons as well. Even if the weather doesn’t always change with the time, it is most likely not far behind.

Use the reminder to start organizing your wardrobe for the upcoming change in weather.

Adjusting by to a new sleep and wake up schedule is always a chore, but working through this checklist doesn’t have to be.

Spend a few hours checking off each of these tasks with the changing of your clocks twice a year and you should be better organized and prepped.

A little work just two days a year can mean a lifetime of satisfaction later.

Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries

For 29 years, the Energizer® brand has partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to help keep families safe through the Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries™ program.

Every fall, Energizer® and the IAFC work to remind people of the simple, life-saving habit of changing and testing the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, along with all of your home safety devices, when setting the clocks back for daylight saving time.

What things do you do when you change the clocks?

Daylight Saving Time this year falls at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 6th. 

October is National Fire Prevention month.

Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs are encouraging everyone to take time to make home safety a priority.

On November 6, when you set your clock back for daylight saving time, use the extra hour to take a lifesaving action — in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, along with all of your home safety devices.

This includes connected home devices, flashlights and other critical battery-operated devices.