beachside at Holiday Inn Los Cabos all inclusive

Benefits of an All-Inclusive Resort with Holiday Inn

When was the last time you and your significant other were able to get away for a romantic weekend for two?

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With everything we have going on at home (building a new house, my mom’s cancer treatments, and everyday life of running our own business), Colby decided we needed to escape for a weekend.

After researching the many locations Holiday Inn offers, he decided going back to Los Cabos, one of our favorite spots, would be best.

sunrise at Holiday Inn Los Cabos

Benefits of an All-Inclusive Resort

One of the biggest factors when choosing where to go was the fact that Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos is an All-Inclusive Resort.

Having traveled to all-inclusive resorts before, we knew the benefits of having everything paid for upfront.

In fact, we found many benefits of an all-inclusive resort and wanted to keep this trip as budget-friendly and stress-free as possible. Now, let’s discuss the advantages I am speaking of:

Holiday Inn Los Cabos all inclusive food


Think about it. Prepaying helps you stay on budget. You choose the room rate that best suits your travel needs, then book and pay. The food and drinks are often included, as well as many activities at the resort.

Since you are not constantly pulling out your wallet to pay for items along the way, you can stick to your budget and not go home with a large credit card bill that will ruin your post-vacation mood.

beachside at Holiday Inn Los Cabos all inclusive


When you walk out of your Holiday Inn room, you can leave your wallet — and worries — behind. There’s no need to stress over how much you’re spending as you lounge poolside, it’s all included.

As you enjoy one more drink or another meal at the resort, you almost feel as though it’s free.

There are no restaurants to search out and, often, no activities or other details to think about. You can literally show up at the hotel and simply relax for the duration of your stay.

Holiday Inn Los Cabos family pool


Again, everything is included. Your purse and wallet can stay in your room and you don’t have to plan out every detail of your trip.

With fun, dining, and relaxation all available at your resort, there isn’t much for you to plan outside of your all-inclusive package.

For Colby and I, our biggest decision each day was simply pool or beach. Life was good.

Holiday Inn Los Cabos hammock rooms

Power to choose

With all-inclusive packages, you often find you have options. Once you decide on a location, you can cater the rest of your getaway based on your budget and/or travel needs.

Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with your family, there are many ways to customize your vacation to fit your interests and budget.

Holiday Inn Los Cabos Master Suite

As soon as Colby and I arrived at Holiday Inn Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort, we immediately felt relaxed.

From the friendly bellhop who took our bags at the curb, to the refreshing drink we were served at check-in, to the incredibly nice server we met at dinner, everything was taken care of for us.

In fact, we sought out that same server each meal because we enjoyed his service and table-side chats. He even told us about the fabulous sea turtle launch that Holiday Inn does each Tuesday.

This sea turtle launch was undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of our stay! We watched as Holiday Inn employees released around 500 freshly-hatched sea turtles back into the Sea of Cortez.

At night, sea turtles make their way onto the beaches and lay their eggs. A group then heads out early in the morning to harvest the eggs to keep them safe from predators, including humans.

They then incubate the eggs until they hatch and then release them across the beaches of Los Cabos. They watch until the very last little turtle has safely made its way into the water.

Through their conservation efforts, they have helped save thousands of sea turtles and keep their population thriving.

poolside at Holiday Inn Los Cabos all inclusive

Most of all, we were able to relax. Just sitting by the pool, soaking up some Vitamin-D, reading a book, relaxing.

Truly the best kind of getaway. And every evening, after a delicious meal at the resort, we would walk down to the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves rolling in as we watched for any sea turtles making their way out of the waves.

We may not have seen any turtles, but we were able to find a little piece of heaven in the peace and quiet there. That in itself, made everything worth it. We can’t wait to find ourselves back at Holiday Inn.

sunset at Holiday Inn Los Cabos
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