10 New Uses for Resealable Bags

10 New Uses for Resealable Bags

As we were putting away our leftovers last night I found that I have an obsession with resealable zipper bags? Why? I think most recently because when we moved into the new house the previous owners left their drawer of resealable bags, aluminum foil, wax paper, etc, behind for us to enjoy. The thing is, they left every imaginable size of resealable bags … except for the sandwich size!

10 New Uses for Resealable Bags

Uses for Resealable Bags

I have found that I like using them more so than aluminum foil for most projects, simply because they’re easier. In fact, any time I need storage, I grab a baggy! The big freezer storage bags are great for when my kids head off to church camp each summer. We pack one outfit in each bag, label the bags, and then the kids make sure to put the things listed on the bag back into it at the end of the day so they come home with everything and leave nothing behind. Works perfectly!

Here are 10 great ways to use resealable bags (I personally like #3 … should come in real handy around here):

1. Knead dough. Place dough in a resealable bag so your fingers don’t get sticky. Or slip your hand into the bag and wear it like a glove.
2. Store panty hose.
Nude, Tan, Nearly Naked — they look the same out of the package. Tear off the corner of the package listing the brand, size, and color, then slip the panty hose into a bag. Store each pair in its own bag to keep hose organized and prevent snags.
3. Remove chewing gum or candle wax from a tablecloth, a couch, or carpeting. Gently rub gum or wax with a zippered storage bag filled with ice cubes until the substance hardens. Shatter gum with a blunt object, then vacuum up the chips. Carefully peel off frozen wax with a plastic spatula.
4. Pipe frosting. Snip off a tiny corner to use a resealable bag as a pastry bag.
5. Store homemade soup. Fill up bags, then lay them flat in the freezer. When the bags of soup freeze flat, you’ll be able to pile them up like stacked books for easy, space-saving storage.
6. Protect precious cargo. No bubble wrap? Slip a straw into the top of a nearly closed zippered bag and inflate. Remove the straw and seal to make a cushion. (Heirlooms, however, should wait for that bubble wrap.)
7. Break up graham crackers or wafers to make a pie crust. Fill a bag with the cookies, then roll a rolling pin over it.
8. Prevent a handbag from turning into a snow globe. Store pressed powder and other compacts in resealable bags.
9. Gather herbs from the garden. Before winter frost sets in, wash, pat dry, and freeze the herbs in bags.
10. Ice an injury. Fill a bag with ice cubes to create a cold compress.

What is your best use for resealable bags?

Boy how things have changed since this first post! Colby and I now both work from home blogging, we travel all over the US, drive a different car every week and support our family of 7 with our blogs. 

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