Illness sets in …

As if me being laid up on the couch feeling nauseous all day wasn’t enough, Princess JF seems to have caught a stomach bug! She told me yesterday at lunch that her tummy hurt, and I figured she just didn’t want to eat lunch. About an hour later she climbed … Read more

The testing …

Figured I should update the “World” on the testing today. We got up extra early (like 6am) to make sure everyone ate, bathed, and got dressed in plenty of time to allow for traffic. The two princesses were the last two for us to get out of bed and dress … Read more

A bit worried …

I should really be in bed right now … we have an early morning. Since we homeschool, we take a pretty laid back approach to our mornings around here (I am not by any means a “morning person”). Anyways, tomorrow we have to be in a city about 45 minutes … Read more



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