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Take the Holidays Back by Finding Happiness in Simplicity

The holiday season can be the most amazing time of year — if we don’t allow ourselves to get weighed down by the busyness it brings.

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Colby and I decided a couple of years ago that we needed to bring the season back around to the things that mattered.

Family was one of those things.

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Happiness in Simplicity

The holiday season gives us a good reason to find happiness in simplicity. We may each have our own reasons for celebrating the season, but can often find solidarity in the feelings the holidays evoke.

From purchasing gifts for family and friends to serving others to smiling at a stranger, there are elements of joy that can be created during the holidays.

These tips can help you find happiness within yourself.

flannel drawstring sleep pants

Enjoy the Little Things

Nothing can be more simple than enjoying the little things in life. Although, often we find that those “little things” can equate to some pretty incredible BIG moments.

For example, a couple of years ago I got the entire family to wear matching family pajamas! I couldn’t believe the older kids agreed to it, but it brought me great joy!

This year, Colby and I took the three younger girls to Old Navy and we found flannel drawstring sleep pants for everyone.

matching family pajamas

With a large selection of men, women, and kid sizes, we decided everyone should let their own personality shine through this year.

Once our selections were made, Jaden and I paired our comfortable pants with a semi-fitted thermal tee to complete our perfect winter lounging wear sets.

Considering Colby and the kids laugh at my infatuation with eggnog, I could not pass up the thermal that declared, “Eggnog made me do it.” I thought it fit me to a tee.

Be Present

As I mentioned, Colby and I decided ’tis the season to simply have fun and enjoy each other! Our children are growing so fast and we don’t want to look back and realize we missed it.

Their childhood deserves to be filled with crazy shenanigans with their siblings and heartfelt moments they will remember forever.

pillow fight in pajamas

When you find your happy place, you can concentrate on the little things that bring you big joy.

Look at the many reasons you have to celebrate the holidays and make a conscious effort to be present and engage in moments.

Don’t let busy calendars and never-ending to-do lists steal the happiness you deserve.

Old Navy pjs for tweens

Have Fun

If you can’t laugh at yourself then what can you laugh at? Let your inhibitions go for once and just have fun with your loved ones.

Be ready to roll with things as they come and don’t be a stickler about your calendar. Remember, we’re living in the moment and simply enjoying the ride.

Feast Mode

While at Old Navy, I helped the girls and left Colby to shop on his own. When we got home, he found great amusement in showing me the shirt he picked out.

After slipping into his new comfy clothes, he made sure to cover the graphic tee he purchased with the hooded vest he also grabbed while I wasn’t looking.

I was impressed with his bold choices that stepped outside his typical color palette, especially when he revealed the “Feast Mode” shirt — even after he told me he just picked everything the Old Navy mannequin was wearing!

jumping for joy in pajamas

Hey, whatever makes him happy, right?! Seeing him and the girls embrace their own happiness in a comfortable pair of pajamas was simple.

Not to mention, giving them the gift of cozy comfort was easy at Old Navy.

pajama pillow fight

Instant Happy

Get ready to discover your “Instant Happy.” During the 8 days leading up to Black Friday, Old Navy is celebrating “Instant Happy.”

Shoppers will receive a scratcher during in-store visits that reveal instant prizes from partners such as Chipotle, Coke, Fandango, and Tiny Prints, as well as the chance to win free shipping from Old Navy.

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