connect with your kids at Six Flags Over Texas

Tips to Cool Off During Your Visit to Six Flags Over Texas

When you have kids in a wide age range, it can often be challenging to find a place that provides something for everyone.

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From the youngest to the oldest, you want to connect with your kids over fun experiences.

Six Flags Over Texas makes that possible by offering fun for the entire family, no matter their level of thrill – or age.

Our youngest is 8 and our oldest is 23. Of course, our adult children don’t hang out with us quite as often as the younger three, but we still enjoy family activities that we can all partake in.

fun for whole family at Six Flags

Six Flags Over Texas

This summer though, the focus has been more on our younger three.

The tween years can be the hardest to navigate sometimes for both parents and the tweens.

It seems that tween girls are some of the hardest to connect to nowadays, but finding something we have in common (such as thrill-seeking) gives us a better opportunity to connect!

Whether your kids are young or “old“, there’s plenty for everyone to see and do while visiting Six Flags Over Texas.

The younger crowd can visit Bugs Bunny Boomtown which features rides such as Bugs Bunny Cloud Bouncer, Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters, and more.

There’s also Looney Tunes Adventure Camp – an interactive play structure where kids can climb, slide and discover fun surprises – where kids can climb and get a bit of energy out!

Chaparral Antique Cars

Of course, Taz Tornado Swings, Chaparral Antique Cars, and the Silver Star Carousel have always been family favorites as well.

Even during the dog days of our Texas summers, there are ways to stay cool. The day we visited, we broke a record with an official temperature of 108° here in the DFW area.

Staying cool and hydrated is essential to not only staying healthy but enjoying the day at the park!

AQUAMAN Splashdown

Therefore, use these tips to cool off during your visit to Six Flags Over Texas.

  • Get soaked on AQUAMAN Splashdown – If you want a ride that will guarantee you get wet, this one is it. For the best soaking, hang out on the bridge after you get off. The wave that hits you when the ride hits the water is sure to soak you from head to toe.
  • Relax on El Aserradero– Looking for just enough sprinkles of water to cool you off, but not soak you? The classic “Log Ride” is the perfect one for you then!
  • Water Misters – Located throughout the park, water misters (some accompanied by fans) are a great way to cool off when the temperatures start to rise.
  • Step into A/C – Many of the restaurants and live shows throughout the park have air conditioning. Make plans to see a show and take a break from the heat. Or, dine inside an air-conditioned restaurant to cool off while eating.
  • Souvenir bottles – If you’re going to be at the park for a considerable amount of time, you will find great value in Six Flags Over Texas refillable bottles. Based on whether you’ll be using the bottle on another day at the park, or just this one day, purchase a refillable bottle for unlimited refills and stay hydrated!
  • Free water – Use the refillable souvenir bottle or another approved container at a food or beverage stand throughout the park for free ice-cold water. You are probably seeing a pattern here: STAY HYDRATED!
  • Skip the Lines – When you’re standing in the heat all day, these longs can seem even longer. THE FLASH Pass allows you to continue your fun and ride when it’s your turn. Reserve your place from anywhere in the park using THE FLASH device, and you’ll receive an alert when it’s your turn. Enter through the specially-marked entrance and skip the line.

If you really want to avoid being at the park during the hottest time of the day, visit at night! Six Flags Over Texas is open until 10pm on the weekends and is beautiful to see all lit up at night.

After sunset, everything cools down and you can enjoy the park in a whole new way as the darkness sets in.


Ready for thrills?

Six Flags Over Texas is home to some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, and most gut-wrenching rides in the country — including a few record-breakers.

Their newest thrill ride, HARLEY QUINN Spinsanity, featuring unpredictable flips and pivots at heights up to seven stories above the ground, opened just a couple of weeks ago and is already making a name for itself with thrill seekers!

Grab your ticket to fun at Six Flags Over Texas and come see what all the talk is about!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Six Flags Over Texas.