little boy drinking from a reusable water bottle

Tips to Stay Hydrated on Vacation

This past weekend, my family and I were on a mini-vacation in Galveston, Texas. Galveston is located on the Gulf of Mexico.

And, well, anywhere in Texas in the summer means hot temperatures.

Therefore, it was important that I worked on keeping the kids hydrated during the weekend.

little boy drinking from a reusable water bottle

Tips to Stay Hydrated on Vacation

With 4 of my 5 kids in tow, I was constantly making sure everyone was accounted for and doing well.

That meant handing them water bottles all weekend and teaching them the importance of  hydration.

But, there are other tips to stay hydrated on vacation. It is one more important piece of “Mom Wisdom” I feel is important to pass on to them.

  1. Reusable water bottle—As I mentioned, I keep shoving water bottles at my kids when we travel. We use reusable water bottles that we can easily refill as we go about out day.
  2. Natural flavorings—If you are like me, water may not be your favorite drink in the world. Use natural flavorings, such a lemon or berries, to spruce up the water and then drink.
  3. Limit salt and caffeine—Limiting salt means that you are not adding additional sodium to your body, therefore reducing the body’s ability to absorb water. Whereas, caffeine can act as a diuretic, thus, also not aiding the body in retaining much needed water.
  4. Water-based foods—Did you know that some foods have a high water content. Foods such as watermelon, celery, asparagus, eggplant, melons, and kale are a handful of water-filled foods you could try.
  5. Stay cool—When you sweat your body is once again loosing precious water. By stepping inside for a bit to cool off and refresh, and drinking water, you can help replenish what was lost.

Just in case after following the following steps you feel that you are still feeling dehydrated, try getting all the needed nutrients intravenously with the help of liquid iv hydration treatment. 

Join the Movement

Nestlé® Pure Life® is once again involved in the Hydration Movement. They are asking their Facebook fans to take a quick online pledge to simply drink more water.

After you take the pledge, be sure to share your own story.

What is your best mom wisdom?

How do you keep your children hydrated?