RaceTrac Breakfast Sandwich Made With Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles

How often do you run out the door in the morning without eating breakfast? Do you find yourself looking for more than a donut? Well, beginning this month, and only for a limited time, RaceTrac is offering a breakfast sandwich made with Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles!

RaceTrac Breakfast Sandwich

Leveraging the iconic Kellogg’s Eggo brand—because why not—their newest breakfast sandwich offers you a golden, crispy, warm and fluffy treat that is so delicious you just can’t L’Eggo. Get it?!

Exclusive to RaceTrac, and only available through November 7, this breakfast sandwich features maple syrup, sausage, egg and cheese all stacked together between two classic Eggo Waffles. Hungry yet?

RaceTrac Breakfast Sandwich Eggo Waffles

Well, if you’re getting hangry, head to RaceTrac now. In addition to the breakfast sandwiches made with Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, RaceTrac also recently launched new salads. The salads include Farmhouse Cobb Salad, BLT Caesar Salad, Side Garden Salad, Greek Style Salad and Berry Feta Salad.

Still want a sandwich? Look no further than RaceTrac’s sandwich cooler! Options include Turkey & Swiss with Tomato, Italian Sub, Club Stacker and Chipotle Kickin’ Chicken Wraps. The sandwiches are fresh, flavorful and offer a variety of options.

And if you want something hot, head to RaceTrac’s roller grill. It’s here were you will find limited time offer products on the grill on a quarterly basis to help keep the offer fresh and fun. Choices include a Chicken and Waffle Taquito, Guinness Beer Brat, Bacon Cheddar Dog or even a Pork Egg Roll.

In fact, this month, for a limited time, RaceTrac is offering a Nashville Hot Chicken Taquito! Hot chicken is indisputably Nashville’s iconic food: simple in concept, complex in flavor. Therefore, in honor of RaceTrac’s upcoming entrance into the Nashville market, they’re bringing this Music City staple across the deep south at all RaceTrac locations!

Hot chicken is a typical fried chicken that has been coated in a sauce that has a not-so-secret ingredient of cayenne pepper (that’s what makes it hot!). It’s then wrapped up in a fried tortilla. Make sure you grab a cold beverage to cool you off after trying this spicy treat! Hurry in before Labor Day and enjoy $1 fountain drinks in any size.

RaceTrac Swirl World candy toppings

Finally, be sure to finish off your meal at Swirl World. There you will find a variety of frozen desserts including ice creams, yogurts, sorbets and Italian Ice. With up to 40 toppings, the choice of a cup, cake cone or waffle cone and a variety of flavors, you can customize your frozen treat just how you like it.

Additionally, if you still want a donut and coffee, RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar offers a variety of blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast. It also features cappuccinos, iced coffee, hot teas and hot chocolate. 

Best of all, with Wintastic Rewards, a rewarding summer rewards program, you can score big on more than just soda at RaceTrac. And it’s easy to win! All you need to get in the game is the RaceTrac Rewards app.

To participate, make a qualifying purchase, scan the loyalty barcode in the app, get a 1-in-3 chance to win a digital coupon for an in-store offer, and redeem offer during your next visit or a new transaction. Wintastic Rewards runs through September 2018, so get there today!

Disclosure: I’m a sponsored blog partner of RaceTrac but all opinions contained in this post are my own.