back to school supply list for homeschoolers

Back to School Supply List for the Homeschool Family

This year, we are starting our 16th year of homeschooling. We’ve graduated two so far and have three more to go.

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Of course, with our youngest in the 2nd grade, we still have quite a few years ahead of us.

But, year after year, our back-to-school ritual has always been the same; and doesn’t vary much from those who actually send their children off to school every day.

Well, there may be some differences, but mostly it’s the same when it comes to preparing for the school year.

Back to School Supply List for the Homeschool Family

School Supply List

Even as homeschoolers, we need a host of school supplies.

This year, we are partnering with Staples® to get the girls ready for school and excited about learning.

From backpacks (to keep the kids organized) to printer paper (lots of it actually) to pens and pencils, we stock up on back-to-school specials.

For example, at Staples, you can save 20% off school supplies when you purchase a backpack through August 4th.

Those savings add up, especially when buying for multiple students. With our oldest in college, we still have four in school. Every penny saved helps!

back-to-school backpacks

In fact, I’m sure our school supply list looks much like yours:

  • binders
  • pencils
  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • construction paper
  • folders
  • sheet protectors
  • dividers
  • pencil pouches
  • stapler
  • printer paper
  • spiral notebooks

And that’s just some of the basics. Science and math can often require grade-specific supplies we haven’t begun to think about.

But, this is typically the second step of our back to school ritual. A school supply list.

2018 back to school pictures

Considering we do everything in-house, that can also require a few extra office supplies, including:

  • laminator (perfect for making our homeschool ID cards)
  • electric pencil sharpener
  • three-hole punch
  • whiteboard
  • wall maps
  • paper cutter

Again, because we homeschool, our first step is choosing a curriculum and organizing our lesson plans for the year.

Then, using the subjects and courses we select for the year, we can put together our supply list and head to Staples to get that step taken care of in one-stop!

preparing back to school supply list

Next, it’s time for a little back to school clothes shopping.

Sure, the girls might need a new pair of jeans or a few new shirts, but our “official school uniform” is pajamas. At least that’s what my dad has always called them, and so it has stuck.

From there, it’s more organized. We’ve found that our school year goes so much smoother when we stay at least one step ahead of our schoolwork.

This means backpacks to hold the girls’ daily supplies (especially when we travel), desk organizers for their workspaces, and binders to keep all of their written work in one place.

Honestly, I think this is the most important part of our back-to-school ritual: getting (and staying) organized.

organized desk for back to school

This is why Staples is our one-stop back-to-school shop! Other than our uniforms, we can find everything we need, from elementary to college supplies, in one place.

Not to mention, we can even pick up our teacher supplies, such as lesson plan books and math manipulatives, while shopping for the kids.

Staples is great for saving us both time and money!

Get your school supply shopping list ready and head to your local Staples.