It’s almost that time! The school bell rings on the first day soon. Are you and your kids ready? Those summer habits can often be hard to break, so the time is NOW as far as once again establishing a back to school routine.

establish a back to school routine in 3 easy steps

Back to School Routine

Getting organized now, weeks before the kids head back to class, will make things run smoother later. If we do this right, it can be done in 3 easy steps. Consider the following steps for establishing a back to school routine that helps everyone get back into the swing of things!

back to school routine step 1

Get to sleep!

Okay, the summer often means everyone gets to sleep in a bit. With school just weeks away, it’s time to get back to sleep at a normal hour. Whether you, the kids, or everyone in the house has been able to take advantage of no early school bell, now is the time to get back on schedule. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference while sitting through class. Therefore, make sure everyone gets to bed with plenty of time to sleep before the alarm goes off. This should mean a smoother morning for all involved, as well as better focus during the hours at school.

back to school routine step 2

Go shopping!

This is the time for back to school sales! Watch for ads and be prepared with a shopping list. School supply lists should be available so that you can start making lists. As you shop for pens, pencils, paper, glue and more, don’t forget the fun stuff! Clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s a new season and there is no doubt your kids have outgrown a thing or two over the summer. Head to the stores, with a list, and start gathering everything.

back to school routine step 3

Get organized!

With the slower pace of the summer, it’s the ideal time to get organized. Gather any school forms, immunization records, and other paperwork you may need once the school year begins. Update any emergency contacts for the kids as needed. Break out the family calendar and mark any important dates that you are already aware of. Set up a designated area for homework, school bags, and new paperwork from the school as it comes in. Finally, establish the “night before school” routine, as well as the morning schedule. This will save precious time… and sanity… as everyone eases back into the school year.

THAT really is the key. “Ease” back into the school year. Getting back into a routine after the summer can be challenging but completely possible. Start making the adjustments early and transition back into the routine slowly and easily. You got this!