Liz and Monica - Bad Hair Day

One Bad Hair Day Leads to a Lifelong Lesson

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Have you ever just wanted to be accepted so much that you try to please everyone?

The fear of being alone leads you to take desperate measures. Liz and Monica are both simply looking for acceptance in Bad Hair Day and it leads them on a crazy adventure.

Bad Hair Day
Disney Channel’s “Bad Hair Day” stars Leigh-Allyn Baker as Liz and Laura Marano as Monica. (Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

Bad Hair Day

Imagine waking up for a very important day only to find that everything you thought was perfect has changed.

This is what happens to Monica (Laura Marano).

After planning the perfect Prom night for weeks, she awakes to discover that a combination of hair products has left her hair damaged.

Her dress is a complete mess. Her shoes have also faced a similar demise.

She has one piece of her wardrobe left intact — and it’s her favorite part of the outfit. I

n fact, it’s the one piece she selected on her own with no help from her online audience.

Bad Hair Day

Monica is an intelligent, beautiful Senior in high school with a grand future ahead of her.

She spends her days coding websites with polls to help her make daily choices.

Best hairstyle. Favorite sunglasses. Prettiest dress. These are all decisions she uses her online fans to help her make.

Laura Marano as Monica Bad Hair Day
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

By circumstance, Liz (Leigh-Allyn Baker) ends up at Monica’s doorstep.

Monica needs a way to get around for the day and Liz becomes the unwilling chauffeur.

As the pair spend the day at the mall, people and events lead them to become immersed in each other’s worlds.

Stories are told and secrets are shared. They bond as they discover they are much more connected than they know.

Both need someone to believe in them and make them feel wanted.

Monica must also learn to make her own decisions and to live her own life.

To chooses her life path based on what is best for her, not what her friends want her to do.

Through the motivation of both her dad and Liz, Monica is finally doing things because she wants to and not because it’s what she thinks people want from her.

Liz and Monica - Bad Hair Day
Photo Credit: Disney Channel/Jan Thijs

The biggest takeaway from the movie according to Leigh-Allyn Baker?

Your identity, who you are, comes from the inside. It doesn’t come from out here. It’s more than believing in yourself. It’s knowing yourself and being okay with who you are.”

By the way, even though the film may seem to focus on “girl power,” Leigh-Allyn says she believes “there’s something in this for everyone in the family.”

Have you ever had a Bad Hair Day?

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