Trucks are for Girls

Silly Boys Trucks are for Girls : 2015 Ford F-250 XLT

So there we were, my 8 year old daughter and I. We had gone to have a Mommy-Daughter Date and were on our way back home. She looks at me and says, “Everyone keeps looking at our truck.

2015 Ford F-250 XLT

Well, I told your dad that. And I think they stare more when it’s a girl driving. Don’t know why they’re not used to seeing a girl drive a big ol’ truck in Texas? Jaci again, “Well, they should know… girls can do anything boys can do.” Yes, Ma’am! Ha!

Trucks are for Girls

Mind you, this is my biggest girly-girl of them all. She loves dolls, make-up, fancy dresses, high heel shoes… I have no idea how to keep up with her on all of her girly stuff. But she knows this, “Silly Boys… Trucks are for Girls.”

The 2015 Ford F-250 XLT was just the truck to prove it too.

Jaci in 2015 Ford F250

Not only is the appearance of the Super Duty® enough to make you look good driving down the street, but the bold chrome grille leading the way gives you a feeling of boldness.

When I look at the front of the F-250 I have to smile. I can feel the energy of the truck and know this vehicle is going to move me down the road with ease.

And don’t forget one of my most favorite features on the Ford trucks… those telescoping side mirrors. They literally give me goosebumps every time. So empowering!

F250 side mirrors

When you step inside this beauty, you will find that the Super Duty can keep any girl happy.

Let’s talk about the storage inside the 2015 Ford F-250 XLT! Wow.

To start with, the middle console between the front two seats offers an area large enough to drop your purse in (if you happen to carry one, unlike myself). Not to mention, you will find a removable organizer inside to keep things tidy, and 6 cup holders in that same area.

Six! Four to the front and 2 to the back. Plus, there are bottle holders in the doors. Everyone can stay hydrated and (hopefully) spill-free!

F250 storage compartment

Speaking of that back space, you will also find a power point in the truck to keep all your necessities plugged in and charged.

And, ummm, I can definitely see myself using my hair dryer in the truck! Think about it!

Ford F250 outlet

Oh, and are you shopping soon? Guess what?! The back seat actually raises up into a 60/40 split to reveal more storage space.

Keep your purse or other valuables under a lock-and-key, as well as out of sight, by simply lifting the seat.

F250 rear storage

Additionally, that rear seat can hold other valuables as well. Like let’s say… your kids!

There is so much room and plenty of leg space that no one complains about riding in the back. They simply get excited that they can go along for the ride.

Ford with friends

And, yes, sometimes that means bringing along their friends as well. Luckily, these little guys don’t take up too much space.

F250 backseat

I have to admit, I ride back there plenty. I actually like the space.

So if we do not have all the kids and there is an empty spot, I jump in the back and enjoy the ride. It’s nice to get a break from driving every once in a while… and always good to see what your kids’ experience in the vehicle is.

By the way, I think they have it pretty good back there!

Ford F250 steering wheel

Now that we have toured the interior, I should probably mention how crazy fun it is to drive the 2015 Ford F-250.

This truck may be big, but it still has the get-up-and-go and handles incredibly smooth. Turns are easy and the ride is comfortable.

Plus, the steering wheel puts the stereo buttons at my fingertips to ensure I keep my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty

And don’t think the F-250 XLT is lacking in the safety and technology departments:

  • Rear View Camera
  • Safety Canopy® System
  • Reverse Sensing System
  • AdvanceTrac® with RSC® and trailer sway control
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • Available 4.2-inch LCD productivity screen
  • Voice-activated SYNC® with MyFord Touch®

The 2015 Ford F-250 comes in two engine choices:

  • 6.2L 2 Valve Flex Fuel V8 Gas Engine
  • 6.7L 4 Valve Power Stroke® V8 Diesel Engine
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    Boy or Girl, have you driven a Ford lately?

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