Julie Bowen interview

Julie Bowen Flies into Theaters as Dipper in Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue

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What do you think inspired Julie Bowen to take the part of Dipper in Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue? Her kids. She was amazed by how much “mileage she got off Scooby-Doo” and decided she must say yes. I mean, what mom doesn’t want to have their kids look up to them for something amazing… and to be excited to show off to their kids. Moms are still cool too and Julie Bowen sure proves that as Dipper.

Julie Bowen interview

Julie Bowen as Dipper

You may know Julie Bowen best from her work on Modern Family. A show that, coincidentally, her boys don’t watch. So doing the “voice thing” is a little different than what she is used to. She completely understands that if you are not getting your voice across clearly, the humor, the message, and even the real sentiment is all lost. Fortunately for her, and for us in the end, Bowen and the crew were able to figure out how to make it work best for her. Basically they just let her go! And if you have ever seen her in person… she is pretty good at just letting it go.

Planes Fire and Rescue Dipper

That ball of energy you see on television is the same exact persona you get face-to-face with her. Trying to keep up with her during our interview or trying to get a non-blurry picture of her is no easy task. Therefore, inside the recording booth she could be seen leaping around barefoot and having fun with her character. That spunk and personality comes through when you see and hear Dipper in the movie.

CL-415 Dipper

I adored the fact that Julie Bowen mentioned the research behind Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue. This is such an incredible part of any Disney film for me and I think it’s awesome that she thought so too. She even admitted to underestimating the the level of research. I think everyone does really. These guys do some work!

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Speaking of work, Bowen told us that she worked alone. Dane Cook, Ed Harris and others had already done their voice parts. So, when it was her turn in the recording booth, she could hear their lines and work with them. Not to mention, she was given a bit of liberty in her lines here and there. Again, Julie Bowen was meant to play Dipper. Her character provides just enough personality and humor to entertain the kids, and plenty of overtones to keep the adults hanging on.

Are you ready to take flight with Julie Bowen as Dipper?

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