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Meet Avery

Small Amount

  • WBC: 1.5
  • Hgb: 7.1
  • Platelets: 33
  • Uric acid: *
  • Phosphorus: *
  • Potassium: 4.6

*there is no value noted

  • ANC: 140
  • Blasts: 2.6

Remember that yesterday we said the blasts were “leaving.” We knew there was a possibility there would be more.

The sample yesterday showed none, today there is a small amount.

Still good news! The important thing is the chemo is working and killing off the blasts.

She will have platelets today in order to prepare for tomorrow. Speaking of, tomorrow is Day 15 which means it’s her scheduled LP day.

Based on the past attempts, they have already decided to use general anesthesia this time.

Plus, it will be done in a sterile procedure room rather than Avery’s hospital room.

That is scheduled for sometime in the morning. She won’t be able to eat after midnight.

Keep praying for full remission 🎗 and no infections.

Pray specifically that the LP goes smooth tomorrow and that no leukemia cells are found in her spinal fluid.

Follow Avery’s journey with Leukemia here.

How can you help from home?

First, prayer. We need to continue to storm the gates of heaven for Avery.

Their biggest tangible needs are food and money. Even with insurance, the costs are undoubtedly going to continue to add up.

For starters, we set up a GoFundMe with a tentative amount that will most likely go up as we continue: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-baby-avery-beat-leukemia

To help them stay fed while at the hospital, we’ve found DoorDash gift cards are best: https://doordash.launchgiftcards.com/

Email for digital gift cards here: [email protected]

Want to send cash straight to Chey through Cashapp? $CheyenneShipwash

Or you can send it to me via PayPal and I’ll send it straight over to them: https://www.paypal.me/stacisalazar

Want to send tangible gifts? We’ve set up an Amazon Wish List.

Purchase a shirt here: Happily Ever Avery products

Facebook page for updates: Happily Ever Avery

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