3 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Texas DSHS. However, all opinions are my own.

As we head into another Texas summer, it’s the perfect time to talk about ways to prevent mosquito bites. Because as much as we enjoy the great outdoors during this season, so do the mosquitoes!

Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Prevent Mosquito Bites

But with mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and Zika virus, mosquito bites can go beyond annoying – they can be fatal.

Therefore, it’s important to find ways to prevent mosquito bites – especially if you’re pregnant. The Zika virus can be passed from mother to child during pregnancy and cause birth defects such as microcephaly.

The following are ways to declare WAR on mosquitoes this season:

  1. Wear long sleeves and pants. Furthermore, wearing clothing made of tightly-woven synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, and rayon, helps to block mosquito bites.
  2. Apply an EPA-approved repellent with an active ingredient that includes DEET, Picaridin, IR3535, Oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE), Para-menthane-diol (PMD) or 2-undecanone. (Do not use products containing OLE or PMD on children under 3 years old.) Avoid spraying directly on your face or on the skin under clothing.
  3. Remove standing water. Mosquitoes can breed in just 14 days in as little as one tablespoon of water. Turn over, cover, or throw out items that hold water, such as buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpots, or trash containers.

Furthermore, closing doors and windows, in addition to using screens, can help keep mosquitoes outside. Plus, always follow instructions when applying insect repellent, especially when applying to children.

If you have a baby younger than 2 months old, dress your child in clothing that covers their arms and legs. And don’t forget to cover their stroller with mosquito netting.

Mosquitoes can do much more than simply ruin your day, they can also spread mosquito-borne diseases. You may not be able to completely avoid all mosquito bites, but, with these tips, you can lower your risk.