Tips for Establishing a Better Bedtime Routine

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Partnering with the Better Sleep Council, I’m working towards establishing a better bedtime routine for myself and my kids.

Tips for establishing a better bedtime routine

Better Bedtime Routine

Talking with friends and being a long-time insomnia sufferer, I know I’m not alone in this. Finding an extra hour of sleep can help you feel better and more prepared to face the day.

For example, when we have special activities planned for the day with our kids, we put them to bed earlier to ensure better sleep.

sleep like a kid

In fact, by establishing bedtime routines for them, we’ve inadvertently established routines for ourselves. This has led to us being more in tune with “sleeping like a kid” than we have been in previous years.

Having children in the house that need us to be alert and ready to go each morning actually inspires us to establish a better bedtime routine through the following tips.

Unplug Early

In today’s connected world, it’s important to unplug as you begin your bedtime routine.

Lighting from electronics stimulates your brain and makes it harder to shut it down. Keep your bedroom a no-electronics zone.

master bedroom

Create a Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a comfortable room made for relaxing. The more you can minimize external noise and lights, the better sleep environment you will have.

Dark, quiet, cool, and cozy are key to a good night’s sleep.

Unwind and Relax

Whether you find a warm bath or reading a book relaxing, find an activity that works to help you free your mind. Ease your body and mind into sleep mode by meditating and releasing the worries of the day.

girls reading a book together

Stick to a Schedule

Help your body regulate its sleep patterns by being consistent with your bedtime and wake-up time. By keeping your body’s natural circadian rhythms, your brain will better understand when it’s time to sleep and wake up.

When we, as parents, think about how easy it is to do these things for our kids, we should more readily understand how we should be able to do these things for ourselves.

We send our kids upstairs by telling them, “It’s time to get ready for bed.” They know this means they need to get into their pajamas, do their regular bathroom routine, say their “goodnights” and hop into bed.

The older two girls are done with a hug and the youngest has reading time with Daddy before drifting off to sleep.

The house goes dark and quiet, and Colby and I begin our own bedtime routine. The one we realized we needed by establishing the habit for our kids.

What tips do you have for establishing a better bedtime routine?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Better Sleep Council.