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Teaching Kids the Value of Seniors with Ready to Care

I heard a speaker recently state something about grandparents that really tugged at my heartstrings. Perhaps it’s because I’m a new grandmother, or simply because my parents were amazing grandparents to my children.

Value of Seniors

My mom passed away almost two years ago, yet her legacy runs deep within our hearts and souls. The kids often quote her and reminiscence on the good times they had with her.

It’s apparent she made a profound impact in their lives.

Which goes back to that aforementioned statement I heard,

“Thank you, Grandparents! You’ve not only raised your kids, your kids’ kids, your friends’ kids and everybody’s kids, but you are the glue in our imploding nation…” – Kim Meeder

I think many of us take our grandparents, our elders for granted. Yet there is so much wisdom through life experience to be gained from them. There is a true value of seniors many of us miss.

When you stop to consider that seniors in our communities have raised children, started businesses, volunteered, and gained decades of wisdom, you can see how they are part of the fabric of our society.

But as they age, they’ll need our help. Together, through acts of kindness and awareness, we can make a difference and inspire future generations to continue caring for our senior community members.

How can we teach our kids about the value of seniors?

Ready to Care is an initiative by Home Instead Senior Care® to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. They help families carry out small acts of kindness through Care Missions delivered via weekly text.

These Care Missions guide members through various ways to give to causes that help seniors, learn about the aging crisis and issues impacting seniors, and serve seniors through small actions or volunteering.

Most Care Missions are simple acts of kindness, such as opening a door, learning about Alzheimer’s, or helping with a chore.

By signing up for Care Missions as a family, you and your children can better learn and understand the value of seniors in your community. After all, learning by example is often the best way to learn.

Be the example for your children and generations after them. Sign up today!