Woman Photographer with Camera in frront of her face

Transform Into Your Child’s Personal Photographer

Are you passionate about photography and kids? Do you want to become a personal photographer for your children?

Today, many parents want to capture even the smallest details of their growing child.

But sometimes it becomes challenging to hire a professional photographer for each event.

If you are also in the same situation, you can transform yourself into your child’s personal photographer and shoot their candid moments whenever you want.

There’s a marked difference between a typical picture of your child and a carefully clicked picture taken by a professional photographer.

It is quite a challenge to get the best poses for your small kids, as they are never still. And if they manage to sit still, they will never listen to the photographer and pose as they want.

Adorable pictures of your children become treasured memories for years to come.

So, it becomes essential for you to know the needed tips and tricks so that you can take the best shots of your tiny people. 

Portrait Of a Young Child Laying on a Guitar At Home with a Pacifier in his mouth

Tops Tips To Click Best Pictures of Your Children 

In the next section, we will be sharing some necessary tricks that you can follow for a rewarding and enjoyable experience while photographing your children.

Also, here are the mistakes to avoid for better child photography. So, let’s get started. 

  • Capture Candid Moments 

If your child is extremely young and not used to photography, you can start by clicking their candid moments.

Sometimes, the best captures are those that are taken spontaneously when your child is busy in their world.

When they are unaware of the fact that they are not being clicked, they appear calm and look comfortable with themselves. 

Another important thing is that children don’t fake their smiles and emotions, which makes their pictures look outstanding when taken candidly.

As a parent, you need to be ready with your lenses for such moments and capture them when they are engrossed in some activities or they are giggling, or playing with their toys. 

  • Forget about postures for a while 

If you are just starting as a photographer for your child, you need to forget about poses.

We suggest that you don’t delve into such tiny details in the beginning and click them as they are.

Don’t prompt them to smile or move, as this can disturb them, and you will end up getting a bad picture.

If you are already ready with your camera and your child has changed the stance, always click it, even if it is not the best pose.

Asking your child to pose as you want may tense them and make photography more frustrating for you. You want to capture a natural moment, and this is the best way to achieve it.

  • Be patient with your child’s mood

Make your child feel at ease as they take photographs. You do not need to be in a hurry because they won’t listen to your directions.

Children live in their world and are unaware that they are being filmed, therefore you must be patient with them and allow them to adjust to their surroundings.

If you want to photograph pictures of them, consider taking them to an outside place that is meaningful to you. It could be a garden near your house, the ocean, or a playground.

People adjust quickly to familiar environments, and this is especially true for youngsters. So, you may quickly catch a few memorable moments when your child is at peace and connected. 

  • Get down on your knees

Your child may become afraid when they see you with a large camera towering over them.

They also become overwhelmed since they cannot see your entire face. You can make children feel more at ease by kneeling so that your height equals theirs. 

When kids see you from their height, they will feel more at ease and happy. Furthermore, photos produced from this position appear more clear and crisp. You can also change your focus to capture the ideal photo. 

When you are close to your child, you can focus on photographing their tiny hands and feet, as well as their adorable faces.

Even if your child is looking through the lens, you can still get some great shots that reflect their body language. You can slowly move around with them, looking for different expressions and angles.

  • You need to be fast with your shots 

Children are unpredictable, so be quick with your clicks. You can adjust your camera’s shutter speed and take high-speed photos.

If you are new to photography, you can use your camera’s automatic settings.

Taking pictures of your children in action might provide you with a few beautiful pictures of these precious moments. You only need to be quick.

  • Be joyful and make it a pleasant experience 

Most of the time, your child may not be in the best mood to play or give their all. If your child becomes fussy, put your equipment down.

Allow them to have their tantrums because you don’t want to shove the lens in their face when they aren’t in the mood.

Your goal should be to make the entire photography session enjoyable. This will only make your child feel at ease, and they will want to participate in this activity more and more.

If they are big enough to hold the camera, you can switch roles and have them photograph you for a while. When they’re done clicking, show them the results. 

This will make them happy and motivated about their abilities.

Next time you want to photograph them, they will be more eager to give you their best shot.


Digital photography allows you to take an infinite number of pictures. So don’t be stingy with the shots.

Take as many photos as you can because children are unpredictable, and you may not get the same expression the next time.

With so many options, you can select the best shot and use your editing skills to jazz up the image.

So don’t become frustrated if you can’t get the right pose. Just be creative and use a variety of skills to capture that perfect picture.