Strawberry Tiny Toast Yogurt Parfaits On-the-Go

If there is one thing I have taught my children to have, it’s independence. From the youngest to the oldest, they truly enjoy being able to do things on their own.

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Now, do they still like Mom and Dad to DO it for them? Of course, but we all know that “when you want something done right, you do it for yourself.”

This is exactly how my tweens are.


Yogurt Parfaits On-the-Go

Being a tween is already a challenge in and of itself. There are so many changes and such going on during this transitional phase of life.

These kids are inching ever so close to being a teenager and then on to adulthood. That phase where you wish to be transported back to childhood, right?!


Fortunately, with things such as new Tiny Toast cereal at Kroger, they can enjoy the taste of childhood — and do it on their own.

Whether they want to pour a simple bowl of cereal, grab a bag of Tiny Toast to take on-the-go, or sit down with a yogurt parfait, they know they can easily accomplish each task.


Colby and I stock up on the Tiny Toast cereals at Kroger, along with everything else they may need, and then they only have to open a few doors in the kitchen to be ready to eat.

Since we collectively run on different sleep schedules, this is particularly essential when they are hungry before or after we have breakfast.


We can rest assured that with Tiny Toast, they are getting a tasty breakfast made with real strawberry or blueberry flavor in every piece. This means there are no artificial flavors, as well as no colors from artificial sources.

Not to mention, there is no high-fructose corn syrup and only 9 grams of sugar. Added to delicious Greek yogurt and topped with fresh strawberries, they simply can’t go wrong when looking to start their day off right!