3 Things I Do Every Day to Keep My Home Clean

3 Things I Do Every Day to Keep My Home Clean

Spring cleaning used to be a term I despised. In fact, “cleaning” is a word I’m not too fond of. But, not for the reason you may think. My problem is that when I clean, it’s a deep cleaning. Every time. I am not a surface cleaner. In fact, I am compulsive about scrubbing everything from top to bottom. My kids hate when I clean. But I have learned to do things differently and with a new perspective.

3 Things I Do Every Day to Keep My Home Clean

Things I Do to Keep My Home Clean

One of the most crucial parts of a good spring cleaning and living in a clean home is to simply keep it clean. While your home might not look like a page out of a magazine (neither does mine) you can adjust some of your habits to keep your home clean. Here are three things I do every day to keep my home clean year round.

Quick Pick Up in the Evenings

At the end of a long and tiring day, you’re probably looking forward to resting your aching feet on the coffee table and watching some Netflix. Before you clock out for the day, do a quick pick up and put away any stray items that may have been missed. One of the biggest secrets of a clean home is to keep things where they belong. The longer you wait to put things back where they go, the less likely they are to ever be put back. Take 10 or so minutes to wander through your home and do a quick pick up.

Wipe Down All the Surfaces

Don’t wait until your counter-tops are beyond filthy before you give them a good scrub. Make it a habit to wipe down all the surfaces of your home every single day (this is where Colby gets it right). This will keep dust and germs away, and your home will be a little cleaner. Save busy areas of the home till the end of the day if you’re able to, this will help avoid letting messy areas sit overnight.

Load and Unload the Dishwasher

A clean sink will make your whole kitchen feel cleaner even if everything else is a mess. Make sure that your kitchen sink is always empty. This means loading the dishwasher every night, and emptying it every morning. If you make this a habit, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen sink free of dishes, plus dinner cleanup will be a breeze since you can load dishes right into the dishwasher.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to start deep cleaning your home, but doing these three things every day will help keep your home spic and span year round.