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Summer is almost here and remains my absolute favorite time of the year. The change of seasons should also call for a few changes inside your kitchen. Preparing your kitchen ahead for time for summer cooking and entertaining leaves more time for outdoor fun!

Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer Cooking

Prepare Your Kitchen

The warmer weather can call for grilling on the patio, impromptu guests and lazy afternoons. Therefore, a few easy steps to prepare your kitchen for summer cooking can have you outside enjoying the sun more and handling inside duties less.

summer stock of ice

Don’t Stop the Ice

In Texas, we drink plenty of ice tea and lemonade to keep us cool and refreshed all summer. Therefore, if you have the space available, keep the ice maker going and perhaps even keep an extra bag of ice in the freezer. You don’t want to run out when the temperature rises!

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Stock Up on Essentials

With your traditional outdoor cooking, there are often condiments and marinades that become staples in your kitchen. So stock up! Additionally, grab paper products to make eating outside easier for serving as well as clean up. Speaking of clean up, Glad OdorShield Gain Original Scent with Febreze trash bags can simplify the process. Their reinforced bands help add strength to help avoid any trash disasters. Not to mention, there is no need for compensating behaviors like wrapping trash to hide the smell with the 5-day Odor Control guarantee. Glad OdorShield Trash Bags even come in a variety of scents.

Berries in waffle cones

Freeze Your Fruits

Cold foods can help cool us from the inside. Frozen fruits such as grapes, blueberries and strawberries can make great summertime snacks. Rinse your fresh fruits and then prepare for freezing. When it’s time to eat, pulling out a bag of frozen treats will be quick and easy.

meat on barbecue grill

Buy in Bulk

As much as you can, load up the fridge. This is the perfect time to entertain friends and family, so go ahead and keep the pantry and freezer stocked with foods that are delicious and ready to grill. Cut, marinate and freeze meats in bulk to make those last-minute cookouts stress-free.

How do you prepare your kitchen for summer cooking?

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