Support Shopping Local with Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Are you shopping for toys this holiday season? Why not support your local toy stores? By supporting neighborhood retailers, you can help build a sense of community. Plus, it can help both consumers and residents at the same time by pouring funds into the local economy.

Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Events such as Neighborhood Toy Store Day help to highlight local talent as well as rally neighbors into a spirit of giving. You can find local events an the new website.

5 benefits of buying local:

  1. Economic Stability: When you spend money at a local retailer, those monies are then used to fund city services through your tax dollars as well as promote neighborhood development. Not to mention, it creates jobs for community residents.
  2. Community Development: People who both live and work in their community tend to be more personally invested. Therefore, local businesses can aid in fostering community and add character to the local neighborhood while improving the value of the homes.
  3. Reduced Environmental Impact: A smaller commute to a local store means less carbon usage and a decrease in traffic congestion. Also, small, walkable town centers help reduce in habitat loss for area animals and less air and water pollution. Sustainability is always an important factor as we work to provide a clean environment for our children.
  4. Better Customer Service: Knowing that keeping customers happy is the key to thriving, small business owners tend to tailor their product selections to the local community. They may also host local events, create incentive programs, and sponsor neighbors to continue to build on their sense of community.
  5. Diverse Product Selection: Independent store owners typically carry more high-quality, boutique and specialty products you may not find at the larger discount chains.

Independent Toy Stores

Speaking of independent toy stores, you can usually find unique, fun toys and games there that may not be available elsewhere. Here are two of the types of toys you may find at a local retailer.

Tenzi by Carma Games

Tenzi by Carma Games is a winner of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids 2012 award in the game play for 8 and over category. It is an exciting, challenging game where each player has to get all 10 of their dice to land on the exact same number. No easy feat. It promotes open-ended and creative play and has exceptional safety standards. It would make a superb stocking stuffer by the way. And, BONUS, there is also an app available for the game.


Loopdedoo by Ann Williams

Another one of ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids 2012 in the creative play category is Loopdedoo by Ann Williams. The Loopdedoo is a spinning tool that helps kids make fun accessories such as necklaces, belts, bracelets and more. With no patterns to follow, the child is able to use their own creative freedom in making whatever may come to mind. It provides for endless of possibilities and hours of creative fun. The Loopdedoo will make a terrific gift for your tweens and teens!

Make sure to get out and support your local retailers! Not just on Neighborhood Toy Store Day… but everyday!

Do you have a favorite local retailer?

What makes them your favorite?