Santa and His Sleigh

Creative Painting for the Holidays

Do your kids constantly ask you to make crafts? My middle child LOVES to craft. Me? Yeah, I am not so crafty. My crafts never turn out quite like I expect them to… but I do try. In fact, I spend more time trying around the holidays than any other time of the year. Why? Because I am frugal but like to give people meaningful gifts. Therefore, I tend to draw every ounce of craftiness I can find in myself out for gifts. And my kids take advantage of this time to get a few crafts in as well.

Creative Painting

Crafting with Kids

Crafting with kids is different in that anything goes with them. I am articulate and analytical… perhaps the reason I do not craft well. I over think everything. But with the kids… they just want to paint, draw, cut, glue, color, sew… they have no care as long as they are having fun. And that works for them. Every thing my children put out is a masterpiece! I mean, is that not the truth in your house?

Therefore, since I this time of year can be even more crazy busy, I must make sure to include my kids and give them their time. A quick and easy way to fulfill their crafting needs and get my house decorate for the holidays is painting. They love it and I enjoy the artwork they supply our walls with. Plus, we like to paint using their little hand and foot prints so that we can chronicle their growth through the years. I love looking back on the older ones and seeing how tiny they were and how grown they are becoming. Just look at how simple and yet incredible painting with the kids can be:

Easy and Creative

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Santa and His Sleigh

Santa and His Sleigh

See how easy and creative you can be in no time at all? The kids could make a hundred of these… as long as you have the paint and paper. There are so many great ideas… just let the kids use their imaginations. And, best of all, you can sit around in your favorite comfy jeans (mine are my amazingly stretchy Elena Straight Leg jeans) and t-shirt, grab a cup of coffee, and relax for a bit while the kids craft. And don’t worry about the mess for just a bit… as my favorite saying goes:

…let them be little.

Happy Holidays!


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