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Suitcase Packing Tips for Families with OshKosh B’gosh

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

We love to travel together as a family. But, one of the most daunting parts of any trip is packing for everyone. Even when it’s only five of us traveling, there is still plenty that needs to fit into a suitcase. We have learned to be creative with our suitcase packing tips for the family. We simply have to be in order to make our travels go smoothly.

suitcase packing tips for families

Packing Tips for Families

With as much as we travel, it still takes cooperation from everyone to make the process run as smooth as possible. The girls pack their own suitcases and we check the bags once they are finished. Well, all but the youngest. We still pack her bag as she continues to learn, but she’s getting there. This Spring, as we head on a few trips to simply enjoy the weather, we knew the girls would need new seasonal clothes. Kids grow fast and a trip to OshKosh B’gosh was in order before we could even begin packing.


Fortunately, all three of the younger girls can find everything they need in kid’s fashion at OshKosh B’gosh. In fact, they all pretty much wear the same size in clothes and shoes, so it’s easier on our pocketbook! With the fun color palettes and kid’s styles at OshKosh B’gosh, we can find mix-and-match outfits, shoes and accessories for the girls to share. They may not always love that part, but they are getting used to the idea. I have a feeling it’s just the beginning of the shared-closet life for these three!


Once we had a few new outfits for the girls, we were ready to pack for our first road trip of the season using these suitcase packing tips for families:

plan your itinerary

Plan Your Itinerary

I know this may not sound like a packing tip, but believe me when I say, “It helps!” Jaden will sit down and plan every outfit by the minute using the itinerary. She is the habitual planner and likes to know every second is planned. For the rest of us, we use the schedule of events, as well as the weather forecast, for each day to help lay out the clothes we will need to pack. Don’t forget to plan for any mishaps or other necessary change of clothes. We always seem to over pack for the younger ones, but it often comes in handy by the end of the trip. The OshKosh tees with hand-drawn original graphics paired with some neon twill shorts are perfect for this reason, by the way!

Lay Out Each Outfit

Lay Out Each Outfit

Before we devised a plan, Jaci would pack every pair of shorts in her drawer, but two tops for a week-long trip. Therefore, we found it helps to lay out and plan each outfit. Make sure there are enough tops and bottoms to extend the length of your stay. Don’t forget to check the itinerary for the need for dressy outfits, swimsuits, workout attire, etc. The girls were sure to grab a couple of Fancy Free Dresses while we were at OshKosh B’gosh so they would be prepared!


Use Packing Cubes

I am a huge advocate of packing cubes. They tend to help me keep everything in my suitcase organized and together. Not to mention, they can help ease the unpacking process once you arrive at your hotel. Simply pull the cube out and move it to a drawer for easy unpacking upon arrival. If you buy color-coded ones, you can also easily distinguish between the cubes for each family member.

In addition, custom luggage straps are a great accessory to help keep your luggage secure and easily identifiable while traveling. These straps from 4inlanyards can be personalized with your name, initials, or even a fun design, making it easy to spot your luggage on the baggage carousel. Furthermore, custom luggage straps can be adjusted to fit various luggage sizes, including when used in combination with packing cubes.


Layer the Clothes

Once everything is laid out and you have your packing cubes ready, it’s now time to start packing the suitcase! We layer the clothes in the bag, sort of like a cake. It makes packing with the kids fun — plus it helps us fit everything. Begin by rolling the softer fabric items such as t-shirts, cotton bottoms, jeans and any knitwear. They will not wrinkle when rolled and will look fresh when you unpack them. Once you create a layer of rolled items, stack folded clothes on top. The folded clothes will include things like dresses, slacks, starched shirts, etc. Basically, the items you want to look good in… and those that may wrinkle if rolled.


Carefully Consider Shoes

Now, I know this is where most of us can have some problems. You do not need to pack very shoe in your closet when you travel. Why not pick three practical pairs. Something casual, like the OshKosh Lace-Up Espadrilles, a pair of sneakers, and a dressy pair you may need for elegant affairs. Keep it simple and be smart when you make your selections! Wrap the shoes in large freezer bags or a disposable shower cap to keep the dirty soles away from your clean clothes!


Whew! Other than your toiletries and accessories, you should be mostly packed! I suggest packing at least one outfit in your carry-on or personal bag, if flying. This will help just in case you are separated from your luggage — or if there is any sort of “accident” along the way. Also, be sure to have a plan for dirty clothes. Whether you bring a duffel bag along for soiled clothes or simply grab a trash bag of sorts, just make sure you have a way to separate the two.


Head to your local OshKosh B’gosh for the latest in kid’s fashion before you take your next spring break trip!

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