Black Bean Southwest Quesadillas
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Growing up in a multicultural family certainly has many benefits. For me, I was consistently immersed in both of my parent’s cultural backgrounds to the point where they became one for me. There was no division between nationalities for me — it was simply the way life went for us.

Black Bean Southwest Quesadillas

Mexican Food for Kids

Today, I feel like I must continue to incorporate pieces of my heritage from all angles into the lives of my children. It’s important to me that I teach my children about the culture, food and traditions of my Mexican family. 

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Día del Niño is a perfect opportunity to not only celebrate our heritage, but to recognize the kids important role in our society. Plus, we focus on the love, acceptance and appreciation we have for them — even as the youngest members of our community.

Mexican food for kids

We have discovered one of our favorite ways to celebrate any occasion is with food! And Mexican food is definitely a family favorite. Not only do we enjoy eating it, but we enjoy time in the kitchen together preparing it.

Just as I used to help my Juelita and mom in the kitchen, our kids now help us. They love the idea of cooking for the family and helping us meal plan. When we asked them to create a fun and easy dish for dinner, they decided to make Black Bean Southwest Quesadillas.

black bean quesadilla recipe

With just a few simple ingredients, they made a delicious dinner that we could enjoy as a family. Plus, the finger food aspect of the quesadillas were perfect for dipping in the tasty HERDEZ® Salsa Casera.

Since quesadillas are one of their favorite foods to both make and eat, it seemed like the perfect Mexican food for our Día del Niño festivities.

We are looking forward to adding crafts and other culturally rich foods to our menu for the celebrations!

Black Bean Southwest Quesadillas
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