Power of Open-Ended Play

How often do you find your child engaging in open-ended play? Our youngest girls love to play in their own imaginary worlds with their toys. Toys that encourage them to be creative and have an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to playtime. Toys, such as Barbie, that allow girls to pursue their limitless potential.

Power of Open-Ended Play

Power of Open-Ended Play

With no real rules to follow and no expectations for play time, Barbie gives girls the freedom to express themselves through imaginative play. They have the ability to be anything and anyone they choose to be. From a doctor to a pilot to many more career options, girls can create a world they enjoy with Barbie and friends. This type of open-ended play only enhances their quality of play. Here are ways to encourage more open-ended play for your kids:

Stock Up on open-ended toys like Barbie and blocks

Stock Up on Toys

Look for toys, such as Barbie dolls, crafts and blocks, that encourage kids to think outside the box and be creative in their playtime. By providing them with the toys and supplies they need, they have a much better opportunity to create and believe in their pretend world.

Stock Up on Toys

Listen to Your Child

Kids know what they want and will often express these suggestions freely. Encourage them to shop with you, and then once they are ready to play, make sure to engage in play with them. Knowing you care enough to get a glimpse of their world can be life-changing for a child in every situation.

Encourage Dramatic Play with Barbie

Encourage Dramatic Play

Through dramatic play, such as becoming a Veterinarian with Barbie or cooking a meal in a pretend kitchen, their imagination is enhanced. Additionally, studies have shown that it children also learn cooperation, problem solving, and leadership skills through the fun of pretend play. Not to mention, it also enhances cognitive skills and furthers their social skills.

Each of these ideas encourage your child to explore more about the world they wish to live in. It shows them they truly “Can Be Anything” they desire. I remember playing with Barbie as a young girl and the empowering way she helped encourage me to become anything I wanted. Go ahead, push your child to their limits in the world of pretend play.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Barbie. The opinions and text are all mine.

Power of Open-Ended Play for Kids

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